The Chrysalis Books, Reviews, and Everything Written (BREW) Project has now finalized the list of award-winning books for the BREW Book Excellence 2021 and BREW Readers’ Choice 2021/2022 Awards.

Video Caption: You can watch this Youtube video announcing the BREW Book Award winners for 2021/2022. Refer to the post below for the exact titles awarded to the winners.

The BREW Book Excellence Awards are based on judges’ feedback. On the other hand, the BREW Readers’ Choice Awards are derived from readers’ votes.

Here are the latest BREW book award winners as of 1 April 2022.

BREW Book Excellence Award Winners for 2021

BREW Readers’ Choice Award Winners for 2021/2022

For more information about the awards, visit this link:

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By The BREWer

As a caterpillar goes out of its dark cocoon, grows its wings, and flies high up in the sky, I acknowledge my role in the entire process of the written word's metamorphosis through The Chrysalis BREW Project. I believe that beauty and goodness exist in everything and everyone - may we let that emerge and shine in each word we read, concoct, write, or share.

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  1. […] “Project Tau” by multi-award-winning and bestselling Jude Austin is the first book of the Projects series. It is a futuristic science fiction that follows Kalin Taylor, a college student who gets inside the high-security laboratory of GenTech and faces a terrible future at the hands of unscrupulous scientists. It is a recipient of the BREW Readers’ Choice Award for March 2022 and Science Fiction Realism of 2021/2022. […]

  2. Dear Fermosalua, thank you so much!!! Thank you from my heart!! I am completely speechless and in tears today! It is a dream and it is one of the best days of my life! Bunky and I are so moved and I would like to thank the Jury from my heart! It is a true dream! I can hardly believe that it is true and I wanted to thank you so much for appreciating my novel! Bunky is here for all the Readers – from my heart, and I would like to congratulate other Winners of this beautiful contest – my amazing Fellow Authors!

  3. Congratulations to Aleksandra Tryniecka, Solstice Kahale, Paul Smyth, Digisha, CG Fewston, Chris Cole, Priscilla B Shuler, Jude Austin, and Rona D Drinkard! It’s an honor having you as part of The Chrysalis BREW Project!

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