Giving Back

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What we do

The Chrysalis Books, Reviews, and Everything Written (BREW) Project is a site meant to help content creators and audiences grow, thrive, and soar.

Here are the ways we are giving back:

Of course, as we are a tiny business, we also need your help so we can help you and others too.

What you do

With every paid promotion package you sign up for, you are also paying it forward.

When you make a BREW Promotion purchase, you are not only spreading the word about your written masterpiece but also contributing to make things better. Here are some of the ways you are making a difference but at no extra cost to you:

  • Partner with a shop that cares – All free and paid BREW services are processed via the secure online ecommerce portal of our sibling site, Store with a Heart. The platform also was founded and is now owned by Esperanza Pretila, BREW’s own founder and owner. Store with a Heart is a multi-award-winning tiny business that is dreaming big in making a difference with every product or service it helps to provide.
  • Earth-friendly shipping – For orders with physical items, delivery is 100% carbon-neutral. Thus, you’re making Mother Earth happier.
  • Eco-conscious orders – Every order you checkout is 100% carbon-neutral. In partnership with EcoCart, the carbon emissions emitted from producing your purchase is calculated. We then pay to offset your order’s entire carbon footprint.
  • Help someone in need – A portion of all sales proceeds from BREW purchases also goes to help feed our less fortunate brothers and sisters via our partnership with Store with a Heart (and Pledge).
  • Get savings and a passive income – As part of the BREW community, you are eligible to sign up as a Store with a Heart Affiliate, giving you an instant rebate in the form of affiliate commission. Share your discount code to your family, friends, and audience, and they will get the savings while you will get a commission from every purchase they make. Commissions are paid out as a coupon code that you could choose for your future purchases. Thus, you are allowing yourself, your dear ones, and your network to benefit from the savings too.

Thus, with the above and all else, you are not only giving your book the love and exposure it deserves. You are also spreading the love to your pocket, our planet, and others as well.

It’s a win-win for all, indeed!