Editorial Guidelines

We are trying to make our site more user-friendly, accessible, and inclusive as possible. Whenever we can, we choose straightforwardness and simplicity without compromising content integrity, usefulness, and trustworthiness. Thus, for instance, we try to limit our rules to a few but reasonable and necessary ones.

About us and what we do

Refer to the following pages for more about The Chrysalis Books, Reviews, and Everything Written (BREW) Project:

Our content

All contributors must ensure that the articles they submit:

  • Use either Australian or US English as long as only one is used consistently throughout a BREW contributor’s posts.
  • Adhere to basic spelling, punctuation, and other grammar rules depending on their respective chosen major style guide publicly available on the web.
  • Are authentic, not plagiarised, not published elsewhere, not infringing on others’ copyright, trademark, and other rights.
  • Are not deliberately derogatory, defamatory, or inciting hate or harm against others.
  • Contain images that they have rights to use and include the relevant image source(s) if the images they have rights to use are not their own.
  • Include the relevant academic or published information sources, especially when making claims with a significant public interest.

More info

For clarifications or more information not found on this page, refer to the following options: