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Important details

General Terms and Conditions

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This promotion package:

  • Does not guarantee any number of sales.
  • Does not guarantee any increase in bestseller ranking.
  • Does not guarantee any specific promotion date.
  • Does not guarantee other specific results.
What you need to begin

If your request includes a free book promotion:

  • Your book’s details
  • Your book’s blurb – This must be:
    • at least 300 words and
    • an original, unique, never published version.
  • A full copy of your book – We can accept any of the following:
    • A pdf copy preferably without the cover and appropriately watermarked (e.g. COPY NOT FOR SALE, FOR BREW USE ONLY, REVIEW COPY, COPY FOR BREW AWARDS, or something similar)
    • A Word copy that we will convert into a watermarked pdf for you
    • Free downloadable copies of the book on your site or another site like BookFunnel for at least 5 days after your application
    • Free to download copies on Amazon or a similar book site for at least 5 days after your application
    • You retain the copyright to your work, although we may use portions for purposes related to your book’s promotion or award nomination.
  • Your book cover’s file

If your request includes a free Author’s Profile with an Interview post

  • Your (author’s) details
  • Original, unique, never published “About the Author” write-up (100 to 300 words)
  • Your (author’s) answers to interview questions
  • Your (author’s) profile photo’s file

If you don’t have what we require

It is our aim to help in ways we reasonably can. Thus, we have taken the initiative to find ways to offer you this and our other free services in partnership with our sibling site, Store with a Heart. However, we also need your help so we can help you.

As this is a free service, we need you to ensure that you provide us with what we need to help you.

Due to the volume of requests for free services vis-a-vis paid ones plus the admin work and costs entailed for processing requests, we will only respond to complete submissions. We reserve the right not to respond to submissions that are incomplete.

If you have not heard back from us within 5 business days after you lodged your request, it means there’s something wrong with your submission. We automatically delete incomplete submissions; thus, it’s best to contact us first if you have any questions before you submit a request.

Charges for incomplete submissions

If you want us to advise you if you lack a requirement, you need to indicate such preference when you submit your request form. You need to pay the 20 AUD request reprocessing fee + any fees for the requirements you miss that we need to help you with to produce. Here are some of the extra fees:

If your request includes a free book promotion:

  • Blurb writing: 30 AUD if you will provide a suitable free full copy of your book.
  • Blurb rewriting: 10 AUD if you will provide a suitable free full copy of your book and the link to your own existing blurb that you’d like us to rewrite.
  • Book purchase: This fee will be charged if you cannot provide us with the appropriate copy of your book. This will vary according to your book’s price, any delivery fees if available on paperback/hardcover version only, plus 20% to pay several platforms for us to receive, process, and disburse the amount you’d send us.

If your request includes a free Author’s Profile with a free interview post

  • Author’s bio rewriting: 10 AUD if you will provide the link to your LinkedIn profile or existing bio published on your own site or another reputable site that you’d like us to rewrite.


If you still want to continue your request for a free BREW service

To avoid paying the 20 AUD request reprocessing fee, we recommend the following:

  • HIGHLY AND STRONGLY RECOMMENDED: Prepare and submit all the requirements for your request.
  • WE HOPE THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN: We do not want you to pay anything, so we would like to sincerely ask you to prepare and submit all the requirements for your request. However, in extreme cases when you can’t help us help you, let us know immediately if you need help with any of the above requirements. We will then send you an invoice and, once we receive your corresponding payment, we can process your request thereafter.

Free Directory Listing

If you don’t have the requirements for a free BREW service described in this page and you are unable to pay the surcharges for missing requirements, we recommend that you create a free listing in our free BREW Directory instead.

Here’s the link to create a Directory listing on your own:

Before you proceed

Thoroughly read the terms and conditions for our offer. If there’s anything unclear or if you have questions, kindly let us know via our Contact Form or email us via


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Choose “Author’s Profile + Interview” under “Category.”

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Step 1: Complete the form below

Step 2: Wait for our email.

We will send you a confirmation email about your request.

Complete submissions are usually processed and corresponding profiles are posted in 2 weeks or so. Free BREW services do not have guaranteed dates or outcomes.

If your submission is complete and has been approved, you will also receive a Store with a Heart email along with a fully-paid invoice for your request. If your submission is incomplete and you indicated on your submitted form that you’d like us to inform you about requirements you missed, then you will receive an invoice for the said missing items. If your submission is incomplete and you did not request for us to advise you about requirements you missed, then we will automatically delete your request even without further notice.

Step 3: Help us help you

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