Title: Two Can Play

Author: Priscilla B Shuler

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Publication Date: 20 November 2017


This little novel is a far cry from the usual ideas flowing from the mind of this author. When Priscilla was given the problem of coming up with an infeasible, yet feasible, idea for a book, she chose to write about the sexual indiscretions of a husband and father whose wife is sick and tired of his inability to be the man she married.

Seeking a divorce, which he refuses, because he loves the idea of a perfect family to use as camouflage for his adultery, she becomes infuriated over his stubbornness. Finally, the bright idea of ‘the other woman’ begins to formulate and she so figures as she thinks it through, she just might be able to ‘become’ that siren to lure her husband into a web of desire so strong he won’t be able to break its bonds and will grant the much-needed divorce.

Armed with the help of her sister and the suggestions of a bartender, our heroine – over a period of time – becomes the woman of any man’s dreams. Through the sexual encounters with her unknowing husband, our heroine becomes very adept at her web-weaving and in fact begins to blossom into a sexual life she’d never dreamed of before. All the while her unsuspecting family of three children and a housekeeper, as well as her husband, never suspect this frumpy, overweight woman of such an unbelievable transformation. The only snag in her plans lies in the entranced Private Investigator hired to set up the cameras in the hotel apartment where the trysts take place. 

If you enjoy a ‘happily ever after’ ending with lots of family life and real-life situations to entertain you, then Two Can Play is definitely your cup of tea. Of course, the book does contain certain sexual encounters you need to be prepared for.

About the author

While taking a writing course, Priscilla’s instructor – Debra Simmons (author) – gave Priscilla the problem of coming up with an impossible storyline to make it believable. Two Can Play – in a much shorter version – was presented. Debra felt it was too far-fetched and suggested a rewrite with the heroine hiring another woman to become the siren to lure her husband – which Priscilla did. However, never satisfied with that version, Priscilla decided to write the novel using her original idea. Hence, Two Can Play evolved to a light, modern, romantic read. 

Priscilla enjoys challenges and supposes that penchant is probably responsible for her writing in the first place. As someone who always tries to outdo herself in whatever she does, she continually attempts to improve her art in watercolor, gouache, oils, and acrylics. She also loves to fashion cards and personal journals of assorted papers to gift to anyone as a memento of her caring. At one time she designed and sewed clothing for her girls as well as costumes for the dolls she made in her porcelain shop. She also repaired old dolls of every ilk. And produced jewelry for every family member. And… she prays you will find her novels entertaining as well as enlightening.

PBS 14 November 21

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