Title: Favored

Author: Priscilla B Shuler

Genre: Christian Historical Fiction

Publication Date: 12 August 2018


It all starts with an ample flavoring of a small Southern town in South Carolina, while sporting a myriad of lovable, enviable, unusual, and hateful characters. When the town ‘sweetheart’ is found raped and left for dead, the uproar is heard throughout the area. Up and down I-95, the buzz also reverberates among all the truckers who specifically headed to ‘The 95 Truck Stop’  where our heroine worked.
     Sheriff Boyd Custer heads the posse in searching for the perpetrator along with everyone in the burg. Even the old homeless Vet is counted worthy to step into the pool of would-be sleuths.
     The reader is led into the search by being carried along first-hand, to be in on the action. Who did it? What happens next?
     If you like hometown characters, down-to-earth everyday people, and persistent law enforcement, you certainly won’t be disappointed in Favored.
     Read this satisfying novel to the very end to experience the power of love and forgiveness where all the loose threads are woven together in a heavenly knot that is Favored by God.

PBS 14 November 21

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    1. Hi, Priscilla.

      Thank you for giving us the privilege to join you in your author journey.

      Our work does not end with the creation of the posts because it is merely the beginning. We have been working round the clock since the day you told us you’d like all your books to be promoted. We are keeping our word. You and your books deserve to be known and appreciated by all of us in the readers community, and we are happy to do that for you.

      We cannot do this without you, though. It’s when we collectively do what we can with and for each other that mutually-beneficial results could happen. We wish and pray that, through our concerted efforts, we will eventually achieve the best possible outcomes like what we did with Kuimba.

      All the best and God bless.

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