Title: Avoiding Aiden

Author: Chris Cole

Genre: LGBTQ Fiction

Theme: Romance

Publication Date: 5 December 2021


Number of Words: 71,875

Aiden Lawrence avoids – his feelings, that is. He’s been doing this for the last five years, ever since his parents… well, he doesn’t want to talk about it. And he doesn’t want to talk about just being dumped, either.

Until he starts his senior year of college and finds Jude teaching one of his classes.

From there, Aiden begins a journey of coming to terms with past trauma, overcoming being sexually assaulted by his ex-boyfriend, dealing with nosy university officials, and coping with the standard stresses of too many siblings who all know what’s best for him.

Avoiding Aiden is a story about love – and being brave enough to not only give love, but receive it as well.

About the author

Chris Cole was born and raised in Idaho, the youngest of three children. He is currently working to obtain his master’s degree in school counseling, where he hopes to work in an elementary or K-8 setting. He is working on various stories on three mediums: books, plays, and movies. He has also recorded audiobooks of his three romances, two of which are currently in the editing stage.

He enjoys spending time with his nephews, singing, and being as involved in his community as he can be with everything else he has going on. He resides in Idaho with his husband, Trent, and their stubborn and adorable dog, Chewie.

CC, 4 January 2022

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2 thoughts on “Featured Book: “Avoiding Aiden” by Chris Cole”
  1. I love how relatable this book seems. Despite not being an LGBTQ+ member myself, I think a lot of us can identify with not wanting to face our feelings. I, especially, can relate to having people around me who always seem to know what’s best. And I applaud the fact that the author deals with the horrible reality of sexual assault in men because it’s something that’s rarely talked about.