Title: Rat

Author: Priscilla B Shuler (the award-winning author of “Kuimba”)

Genre: Fiction (Historical Romance)

Publication Date: 17 August 2016


A most unlikely hero is uncovered in a stinking alleyway in Olde London at the height of their history of misused orphans, and a desperately poor lower class. This young boy is taken in by the necessity of needed labor by his rescuers. Thriving, he grows into the heart of the master and mistress and, at the advanced age of 12, is provided with his life’s career aboard a merchant ship.

Under the tutelage of Captain Confidence Witherspoon, Rat is provided with a new moniker to suit his new life. Ryan Alexander Trenton grows to manhood at sea.

America is bursting at her seams and California is begging for immigrants. The sea provides the most expedient route for needed goods from the east coast as well as from foreign ports. Hence, Rat finds himself in San Francisco.

His life is altered forever from his projected fate. Kidnapped to be Shanghaied, he’s rescued a second time – this time by a Miwok Indian girl. They flee his captors and he soon becomes the chief of what’s left of her decimated tribe. He ‘becomes’ as Indian as possible, learning their silent strengths and ideals. From this point, Ryan’s life is placed on a new trajectory when gold is discovered. Seeing the demise of life for the few indigent population, Ryan sets out to install his tribe into the new life of ‘living white’. With new adventures awaiting, and a pocket full of gold, our hero begins his final quest – that of finding a wife and having a family of his own to settle his destiny.

If you love unexpected turns and engaging characters, you will love your hours of joining your thoughts into those of Rat‘s.

PBS 14 November 21

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5 thoughts on “Featured Book: “RAT” by Priscilla B Shuler”
  1. What a Dickensian beginning and a story full of adventures! I’m sure that, with other historical fiction books from the author, well learn a lot from the cultures involved in Rat’s quest. Congratulations!

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