Title: The Chimerical War: Destiny of India

Author: Digisha

Genre: Fiction (historical thriller)

Publication Date: 29 November 2021 by Notion Press

ISBN or ASIN: B09MR333R4

Theme: Based on Indian Independence Movement in 1943

Number of words: Around 30,000

September 1943, India Independence League (IIL) has taken the Viceroy of British India and two of their Governors hostage. The country is against them, world is at war, people are dying of hunger, two-nation theory has evolved, the palace is burning, but all Mr. Bose and his Giffs want is, Freedom. And they, are ready to give whatever it takes. Even if it means dying, or worse, killing.

Digisha, 12 December 2021

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5 thoughts on “Featured Book: “The Chimerical War: Destiny of India” by  Digisha”
  1. Wow! Those of us born in free countries should be grateful and learn of the many sacrifices that people like the one in this book are willing to make to achieve something we take for granted.

    1. You are welcome. Thank you as well for allowing us to join you in your author’s journey. All the best to you and your book.