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Are you a book author, blogger, writer, or content creator looking for a site to showcase your masterpieces? Or are you a voracious reader or eternally-curious individual looking for free books, insights, news, and fresh content to complete your day or to satisfy your cravings?

The Chrysalis Books, Reviews, and Everything Written (BREW) Project can help with that!

This site is created for our inclusive, diverse, and dynamic community of content creators and audiences located at various points in our virtual as well as the physical world. We’re after lifting each other up – whether it be through the international blog and book awards we host, the free content promotion opportunities we offer, the reasonably-priced upgrades to give your content the boost, the news and press releases, reviews, and other articles we write, or the other things in between or behind the scenes that we do. Just like what our name suggests, we are all about books, reviews, and everything written meant to benefit you.


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