The BREW Poetry Award

The BREW Poetry Award honours the most prolific, original, and thought-provoking English-language poetry by poets across the globe.

The prize

All shortlisted entries

Incentives for shortlisted entries include the following:

  • A “Poet’s Badge”
  • A 10% discount code from Store with a Heart
  • Possible feature in a Poetry Anthology, or compilation of poems, reviews, short stories, and other works to be published by award-winning publisher ALPJ and Sons

BREW Poetry Award winners

  • All of the above
  • Copyright to use the specific award title for the year on your website, social media channels, or promotional materials
  • A digital “BREW Poetry Award” logo file
  • A printable digital “BREW Poetry Award” digital certificate file
  • Possible feature in one (1) The World’s Best Magazine issue to be published by award-winning publisher ALPJ and Sons (Note: Christmas-themed poems will be published in the Christmas issue while all other winners will be published in a relatedly-themed magazine issue.)

Winners may wish to purchase optional extras for a fee. More details are on this page. Purchase links for the add-ons are made available to the award winners only.

How it works

It’s free, simple, and easy to join.

The parameters

Yes. You read it right. The contest is open to all poets across the globe.

Plus, joining is FREE.

The image you’d use for your entry should be your own, or you have permission to use it freely.

A poem must be the poetry author’s original work and not borrowed or copied from someone else’s work. Reprints are accepted as long as there are no copyright restrictions preventing us from sharing or publishing your work as part of your entry or winning the contest.

You may submit as many entries as you want and can. The conditions: Each entry should be unique and different from your other entries. Each form submission should contain only 1 poem.

A poem must be written in English and with at least 4 lines. You may submit a lengthy poem of up to 100 lines.

Your poem could be about any suitable topic or content. Refer to our site’s Terms for more details.


For instant posting of your entries, you can submit them by creating a listing using the Entry Submission Form below.

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Step 2: Once you are logged in, go to “Category” and choose “Poetry Month Entry” in the dropdown list.

Step 3: Fill in the required information.

  • You don’t need to complete fields that are not required.
  • Only the “required” fields need to be completed.
  • Shortcuts and links are available below this page.

Step 4: Read the Terms of Offer and Privacy Policy. The links are at the bottom of the submission form. If all is well, submit your entry.

Step 5: Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know about the Poetry Writing Contest and other BREW updates and offers. Kindly note that only the winning entries will receive further notification emails on or after the announcement date around the 1st week of October.

Entry Submission Form

Important dates

All entries must be received on or before the 31st of August to qualify for the year’s awards. In September, we will choose the best entries.

Entries received after the deadline or from 1 September onwards will be processed for the next year’s BREW Poetry Awards.

Winners will be announced on or after the 1st week of October. We reserve the right not to announce any winners if no sufficient entries have been received or met the minimum requirements for the awards.

More info

For other important information, visit the links below:

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