Monthly BREW Readers’ Choice Award Winners

The BREW Readers’ Choice Award is a literary award presented to the most popular books based on readers’ votes.

The Winners

Meet our monthly BREW Readers’ Choice Award winners.

  • October 2022 – “Dancing on Bones” by Ross Gordon
  • September 2022 – “No One Must Know” by Susan Frances
  • August 2022 – “Homecoming” by Jude Austin
  • July 2022 – “Taking Action for a Better Tomorrow” by Jeremy P Boggess
  • June 2022 – no winner
  • May 2022 – “Stay Safe with Ruby and Reuben” by Sneha Sabu
  • April 2022 – “Black, White, and Gray All Over” by Frederick Douglass Reynolds
  • March 2022 – no winner
  • February 2022 – “Friendship Matters” by Rona D Drinkard; “Project Tau” by Jude Austin; and, “Daddy Jack’s Place” by Priscilla B Shuler
  • January 2022 – “RAT” by Priscilla B Shuler
  • December 2021 – “Bunky and the Walms: A Christmas Story” by Aleksandra Tryniecka
  • November 2021 – “Kuimba” by Priscilla B Shuler

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