The BREW Readers’ Choice Award

Last updated: 10 July 2022

There are gazillions of books out there. Many (if not all) of which deserve recognition. The Chrysalis BREW Project works to make that spot-in-the-limelight a reality for as many read-worthy books as possible.

The BREW Readers’ Choice Award is a monthly and annual award given to the most popular books ever based on our audience’s perceptions. The monthly award winners are automatically nominated for the BREW Readers’ Choice of the Year Awards.

The prize

BREW Readers’ Choice of the Month

The BREW Readers’ Choice Award recipient for the month gets the following benefits:

  1. Award badge (in electronic copy)
  2. Award announcement on the BREW website and social media channels
  3. Automatic nomination for the BREW Readers’ Choice of the Year Awards
  4. Plus more options

BREW Readers’ Choice of the Year

  • Copyright to use the specific award title for the year on your book’s promotional materials
  • A digital award logo file
  • Award announced on the BREW website, podcast, and other channels
  • A consolidated press release (PR) is distributed to hundreds of news, media, and other PR sites
  • A permanent 10% discount on all products and services offered on our partner site, Store with a Heart

Winners may wish to purchase optional extras for a fee. More details are on this page. Purchase links for the add-ons are made available to the award winners only.

How it works

It’s free, simple, and easy to join.

The parameters
  • All books posted via our free or paid promotion options or specially nominated for the BREW Readers’ Choice Award using the right form within specified timelines will be eligible for nomination for the month’s awards. For example, if Book A was promoted in November 2020, it will be automatically nominated for the award for the month and every month until it gets an annual BREW Readers’ Choice Award title.
  • All books, regardless of publication date, can be nominated as long as it has been promoted on our site.
  • Books that did not win for the month automatically qualify for the following months’ awards and until it has been able to get an annual award BREW Readers’ Choice Award title. For example, if Book B was promoted in November 2020 and did not win November’s award, it can be considered for December 2020’s award. If it still does not win in December 2020, it can still qualify for January 2021’s award onwards. However, if it gets an annual BREW Readers’ Choice title in April 2023, it will no longer qualify for nomination in the succeeding months.
  • Scores will be based on the following:
    • Number of Votes – 50%
    • Number of Likes on the Post – 50%
    • Maximum Total Score achievable – 100%
  • The book with the highest score as of the last date of the screening month will get the award.
  • Results will be announced after the screening month. For example, the December 2020 awardee will be announced in January 2021.
  • Books of The Chrysalis BREW Project employees and their immediate family are NOT eligible to join even if their work/s are published on this site. However, they can like pages and cast their votes/ratings for other books.
  • All BREW Readers’ Choice Award monthly winners and finalists for the whole year up to 31 March of the following year are automatically nominated for the annual BREW Readers’ Choice Awards. (For example, all BREW Readers’ Choice Award monthly winners and finalists for 2021 up to 31 March 2022 are automatically nominated for the BREW Readers’ Choice 2021/2022 award.) There’s no fee for the annual awards nomination.
Important dates
  • 15th day of the month – last day for nomination submissions for the month’s awards.
    • Submissions from the 16th day onwards may or may not be included in the month’s awards.
    • If submissions are not included for the month, they will be entered in the succeeding months’ awards instead.
  • Day the book is first promoted or posted as a “Featured Book”*** on the BREW website – voting starts
  • Last day of the month – voting ends
  • 1st week of the following month – results are announced

***Important notes:

  • If your book is already a “Featured Book” on our site, you don’t have to do anything else except gather votes for your book.
  • If your book has been mentioned or already has an existing book review on our site but has not yet been a “Featured Book” yet, then you should complete the relevant BREW Readers’ Choice Award nomination form first before it can be included.
The BREW Readers’ Choice Award nomination form

Click here to complete the nomination form.

Note: You will be taken to the secured payment processing facility of our partner site, Store with a Heart. Thus, you will receive emails from the said site regarding your order and further information about offers and discounts; you can opt out or unsubscribe anytime from emails you do not want to receive.

For authors or publishers

It’s easy to get your book nominated. Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Complete the relevant nomination form.
  • Step 2: Share your book’s post to your family, friends, and audience.
  • Step 3: Encourage them to
    • Vote for your book,
    • Like your book’s post,
    • Comment on your book’s post for extra visibility, and
    • Share your book’s post to encourage others to do the above, too.
  • Step 4: Wait for our announcement email. Make sure you have subscribed to our mailing list so you’d be the first to know. We will also publish the results on the website.

For all book lovers

It’s your chance to give your favorite book the love it deserves. Here’s how to make your voice heard:

Important Step: Search for the book on our website.

  • If the book is already on our website:
    1. Go to its post.
    2. Vote for the book.
    3. Scroll down the page and “Like” the post.
    4. Share the post so others can do the above, too.

Note: As of 22 April 2022, the “1 to 5 star ratings” feature on top of BREW posts is no longer available. Whereas all BREW Readers’ Choice Award winners’ votes had been based on the deleted feature, the data is no longer available and will cease to be the basis for future awards. However, the voting form as well “Like” button at the bottom of the page will be available for everyone’s use to cast a vote.

  • If the book is NOT yet on our website:
    1. If you know the authors, share our promotion page so they could list the book. We have free options, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Here’s the link.
    2. If you don’t know the authors, you could submit your review of it for posting on our site. Here’s the link. Who knows, the authors may chance upon our site and claim their free profile and book posts. If they do, then they’d be able to have their book slated for the monthly award, too. It’s a long shot, but this path has better prospects than not doing anything at all.

More about voting

To vote for your or your favourite book, you can choose 1 or both of the following options.

Use the voting form

The easiest way to cast your vote is to use the form at the bottom of the book’s post.

For your convenience, here is the duplicate form which you can also use to vote.

Like the book’s post

Go to the book’s post on the BREW website. At the bottom, you’d see the “Like” button per the screenshot below. Click it to record your vote.

The second way to vote for your chosen book is to “Like” the book’s post via the button at the bottom of the post.


FREE – There is no extra cost to be nominated for this award. All books featured with free or paid promotion on the BREW website are automatically included in the list of nominees for the monthly award. All monthly award winners are automatically entered for the BREW Readers’ Choice of the Year award.

Winners may wish to purchase optional extras for a fee. More information are on this page.

More info

For other important information, visit the links below:

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