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“The Connection Game” by SS Turner is December 2022’s BREW Readers’ Choice Award winner.

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A Book Review by Kajori: “The Connection Game” by SS Turner

How far can a man be pushed? When does a genius become insane? What happens to a family compelled to live in a flat with one single window? SS Turner’s gripping psychological thriller, The Connection Game, explores all these questions through the extraordinary story of the Basilworth family.  Review The line between being a genius…

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Meet our Author: SS Turner

About the author*** SS Turner has spent his life in England, Scotland, and Australia as an avid reader, writer, and explorer of the natural world. He spent many years working in the global fund management industry but realised it did not align with his values. In recent years, he has focused his writing on inspiring…

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Featured Book: “The Connection Game” by SS Turner

Benny Basilworth is a genius. He is a rare intellect who sees things that others do not and draws conclusions that others completely miss. He has the kind of mind that can make someone a national sensation on the television game show The Connection Game, as well as the kind of mind that can make…

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More about the award

The BREW Readers’ Choice is a popularity-based monthly and annual awards event hosted by The Chrysalis BREW Project. It is one of three BREW Book Awards that the site offers for local and global authors. (The two other awards are the book review-based BREW Seal of Excellence and the judge-determined BREW Book Excellence Award.)

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