About this month’s award-winning book

The interactive book Stay Safe with Ruby and Reuben by Sneha Sabu is May 2022’s BREW Readers’ Choice Award winner.

Stay Safe With Ruby and Reuben: An Interactive Safety Book for Preschoolers and Primary School Children is penned by the renowned Indian author and philanthropist, Sneha Sabu. She imparts a valuable message and teaches children the ways to remain safe in various situations in her book. The relatable illustrations easily grab the attention of children and make sure that they understand the underlying lessons,” states book connoisseur and blogger Kajori Sheryl Paul as she refers to the award-winning book.

As part of her non-profit initiative, Sneha Sabu has committed to donating the proceeds from the sales to help protect children from abuse and print copies for those who cannot afford them.

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More about the award

The BREW Readers’ Choice is a popularity-based monthly and annual awards event hosted by The Chrysalis BREW Project. It is one of three BREW Book Awards that the site offers for local and global authors. (The two other awards are the book review-based BREW Seal of Excellence and the judge-determined BREW Book Excellence Award.)

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  1. […] The interactive children’s book “Stay Safe with Ruby and Reuben” by Sneha Sabu is a not-for-profit initiative. The author has made a commitment to dedicate sales proceeds to fund NGOs in safeguarding children from sexual abuse and printing copies for children, families, or caregivers needing help to buy a copy. This book got a 5 out of 5 starred BREW book review and is the May 2022 BREW Readers’ Choice Award winner. […]