Yes. The results are finally out!

The BREW Reader’s Choice Award winner for November 2021 is “Kuimba” by Priscilla B Shuler.

Here are some of what readers have to say about the book.

“Kuimba by Priscilla B. Shuler is a religious-themed book starring a strange blue-eyed boy with a heavenly voice. Armed with the power of love, Kuimba’s mission on earth is to deliver people from evil. As his miraculous deeds transform the lives of everyone around him, the book brings utter joy to the readers. Its smooth, slow tempo soothes the soul. Both religious and non-religious readers would love this spiritual, magical tale.” – Shrabastee Chakraborty

“Kuimba by Priscilla B. Shuler is a unique piece that layers historical fiction, magical realism, and mysticism. With outstanding character development and realistic dialogues, this book offers enlightenment of what happened in the aftermath of the abolition of slavery in the USA. The premise is original, the message is meaningful and the characters memorable.” – Andrea Fernandez

Congratulations, Priscilla, for the long-delayed yet well-deserved laurel!

By The BREWer

As a caterpillar goes out of its dark cocoon, grows its wings, and flies high up in the sky, I acknowledge my role in the entire process of the written word's metamorphosis through The Chrysalis BREW Project. I believe that beauty and goodness exist in everything and everyone - may we let that emerge and shine in each word we read, concoct, write, or share.

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