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When I hear the word “chrysalis,” the first image that comes to my mind is that of a butterfly. In my mind’s eye, I see a caterpillar emerging into a beautiful butterfly from a chrysalis. Literally, chrysalis refers to a transitional state. It symbolizes metamorphosis. Metaphorically speaking, chrysalis is a part and parcel of our existence. You may ask me why. The answer is simple. It is because change is the only constant thing in the vicissitudes of life. In the literary scene, any engaging novel usually portrays a remarkable development of characters or the plot. Just like in real life, for instance, the characters of a novel need to undergo catharsis or transition for us to be truly immersed in their story. Now, let us look at books from different genres that personify the essence of chrysalis and depict a transformation worth noting or even rooting for.

A Compilation of Poems

Book: Chrysalis: Hatch to Soar
Author: Richa Yadav

Chrysalis: Hatch to Soar is a heartfelt collection of poems penned by Richa Yadav. It is notable that the forward is written by none other than the world-renowned legendary Indian actor, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Each and every poem in this anthology touches the reader’s heartstrings. Yadav succeeds in making the reader completely engrossed. Readers experience the most intense feelings while reading the deeply emotional and vivid poetries. The book showcases the transition between the worldviews of a child and an adult.

A Tryst Across Time and Place

Book: The Chrysalis
Author: Heather Terrell

Heather Terrell weaves a tale of passion, deceit, and morals in her outstanding novel, The Chrysalis. The book revolves around Mara Coyne, a successful attorney who is one step away from becoming a partner in a prestigious law firm in Manhattan. Her life takes a drastic turn when she is handed over the case of The Chrysalis, a masterpiece painting that has a lot of hidden history. Her quest to uncover the ownership of the painting leads her to a heartbreaking truth. The author takes us on a merry ride across seventeenth-century Holland, WWII Europe, and present-day Manhattan. She shows us that while some things remain constant, change is inevitable. I believe people who love history and art would be delighted to read Terell’s novel.

A Dystopian Adventure

Book: Chrysalis (Project Nemesis #3)
Author: Brendan Reichs

Chrysalis by Brendan Reichs is the stunning finale of the Project Nemesis series. We are back with Min, Noah, and the rest of the sixty-four members of Fire Lake’s sophomore class as they try their best to navigate the treacherous paths of a completely changed Earth. Now, it is up to them to remain foes or to create alliances. The importance of teamwork and the constantly changing dynamics are aptly portrayed. It is intriguing to watch the group battle not only their extraterrestrial enemies, but also their own inner struggles. I especially liked the theme of regeneration. In Reichs’ world, nothing is constant, not even death. This highly unpredictable novel keeps the reader hooked till the very end.

YA Romance With A Paranormal Twist

Book: Chrysalis: The Emergence of Emery (The Gifted Series #1)
Author: Maria Macdonald

Chrysalis: The Emergence of Emery is a fantastic start to Maria Macdonald’s The Gifted Series. Emery has always been alone. Growing up in foster care, she never seemed to form a bond with anyone. Her world changes with the emergence of a mysterious boy. Without the slightest idea of any repercussions, Emery grabs the opportunity to escape her meaningless existence. This book is a must-read for all YA fans. Macdonald masterfully creates a magical world that completely immerses the reader. All the characters are relatable and make us root for them. Kade, Elijah, and Tristan all have their own charms. Emery’s transformation from a lonely bullied girl to a strong fearless individual is beautiful. Chrysalis: The Emergence of Emery is a fast-paced novel that takes us on a ride filled with love, friendship, and magic.

Women and War

Book: Chrysalis
Author: Richard Romanus

Chrysalis is a fascinating coming-of-age tale penned by Richard Romanus. Maria Christina has never quite matched up to the expected standards of womanhood in her village in Greece. She is compelled to come out of her cocoon due to war. The Second World War and the Greek Civil War wreaked havoc in her village. Her family does not remain unaffected as well. Maria’s triumphs and heartbreaks make us care about her. Romanus brilliantly portrays the trials of war in his book. Anyone who is fascinated by WWII would love this book. The book also gives a vivid account of the lesser-known Greek Civil War. Romanus portrays Greek culture and customs in a detailed and easily understandable manner. Maria Christina’s tale of transformation in a war-torn land is a treat for any history buff.

Special Mentions

I would like to mention a few more books that are truly unique in their portrayal of change.

Book: Chrysalis
Author: RinoZ

RinoZ’s Chrysalis is a 2-part book series like no other. In the story, Anthony gets a second chance at life. However, this time, he is reborn as an ant. In his human avatar, Anthony led a sad life. As an ant, it is up to him to rebuild his life in the way he truly wants. The frank and informal tone of the writing style compels the reader to introspect. RinoZ is an author with great potential. His message is admirable. His Chrysalis is a unique craft that definitely deserves recognition.

Book: Chrysalis
Author: Brendan Deneen

Growing up is tough. In Brendan Deneen’s The Chrysalis, Tom and Jenny Decker are finding it difficult to grow up. They are still not accustomed to adulthood. Their move to their new home in New Jersey brings forth an unforeseen change in their lives. The basement of the house has a dark secret. In addition to that, Jenny’s sudden pregnancy poses a new challenge for the millennial couple. Deneen’s The Chrysalis is a perfect read for readers who are easily spooked. It is a horror novel that is not really scary. Instead, it is jam-packed with lessons like growing up, accepting change, and building a family.


Change is never easy to accept. It is necessary to keep an open mind to undergo any kind of transformation. Just like the cocoon of a butterfly – also known as a “chrysalis” – a meaningful life constitutes both inner and outer transformations. It is up to us to accept changes and be better versions of ourselves. All the books listed in this article portray change in some form or another.

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By Kajori Sheryl Paul

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  1. I had no idea there were so many interesting reads with the word “Chrysalis” on the title. It’s not a common word like “love” or “murder.” I’ll definitely add the historic and the horror one to my to-read list. Fascinating! Thank you!