Jude is one of those rarities: a sci-fi author who’s actually optimistic about the future of the human race and got tired of the same old post-apocalyptic/Evil Government/dystopian/space battles/androids/AI/all of the above. For her, it’s always been about the new planets, new flora and fauna and a more realistic, hopeful take on the future (with absolutely NO AI/androids) making her books accessible to people who normally don’t enjoy sci-fi.

Her books feature people living ordinary lives; they’re just doing it hundreds of years in the future on different planets with their own unique cultures and languages, and nary an android/AI unit in sight or under development, for reasons that are explained in-universe. As she once put it, “The Projects universe isn’t a dystopia, nor is it a utopia. It’s just a topia.”

She currently lives in Chiba with her husband, where they’re both owned by two rescue cats.

JA, 5 December 2021


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  1. I love this! I’m one of those “people who normally don’t enjoy sci-fi.” Mainly, because it either needs an enormous amount of suspension of disbelief or because realistic dystopian novels make me anxious. But I’m all for “people living ordinary lives…just doing it hundreds of years in the future.”

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