Solstice Kahale is the author of “Gifted Love,” “The New Year’s Prince,” and “The Valentine’s Day Prince.” Know more about her through this interview.

BREW Question: Did you love reading books when you were little? Why or why not?

Author’s Answer: I loved reading books when I was young! From the moment my Special Ed teacher caught me climbing onto her counter to get more books to read, I was pretty much hooked. And yes, my Special Education was held in a trailer outside of the school. 

BREW Question: At what age did you start reading books? What were your best memories of that time?

Author’s Answer: I started really reading at six, and I remember my mother letting ME read her my bedtime story instead of the other way around. I felt so grown. 

BREW Question: What was the first book you loved reading? Why?

Author’s Answer: My mother’s mythology book!

BREW Question: When did you first think about writing your first book? Why?

Author’s Answer: I was in sixth grade and my teacher returned my DBQ to me and it was covered in red pen. At first, I feared the worst, but it was all compliments. She even used some excerpts from my work as examples in the class on how to do well. That was the moment I thought that maybe, just maybe, I could be a writer too

BREW Question: What was the greatest obstacle you’ve encountered when you were writing your book? What made you overcome it?

Author’s Answer: Honestly, time and money. I was a homeless kid for a bit, and once we got housing we were still very poor. I left my home at seventeen and have been providing for myself ever since. Most days I was so exhausted and wrung out from work that I couldn’t write at all. Even now, with writing being my job, it’s taken me five years to be able to afford to write for myself instead of for other people who then put their name on my work.

BREW Question: What pieces of advice can you give aspiring authors? What worked for you?

Author’s Answer: The best advice I can give is to write. Write, write, write. You’ll never be perfect, but by honing your craft, you’ll get better and better and better. 

BREW Question: Who are the authors or books that had the greatest influence on your own writing? Why?

Author’s Answer: A lot of YA authors during my formative years really shaped how I write. Tamora Pierce, especially with her protector of the small series. DJ McHale. Eion Colfer. And of course, there were the classics like CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien!

BREW Question: What are your future writing plans?

Author’s Answer: My current plans are pretty intense! I have my second book debuting on Dec. 20th! Releasing two books in a month was definitely intense! After that I have two more books in the Billionaire Prince Brothers trilogy, then I’m moving on to writing a tie-in series with Natalie Dean for the next generation of the Millers! I’m so honored that she chose me to write this continuation of her massively successful Miller Ranch Brothers storyline! 


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  1. i did the same thing with bedtime stories when I was a kid because my mom read too slowly for my liking, LOL. The author’s persistence, even during economic hardship, is admirable.