Priscilla began writing at the ‘over the hill’ age of 75. Throughout her life she had the urge to write, but never had the time nor education to seek further into that desire.

However, she awoke to the realization that all her children were out on their own and her husband had his woodshop occupying his hours. She then quickly penned out her first little book – The Hunter, a fictionalized account of an all night  ‘coon hunting foray into the Wateree River Swamp by her 10 year old son.

Her first piece was so well received by the family. It has then become a precursor to further works as she immediately began her first full length novel – Two Can Play. From there, she wrote five more books. Presently, she has An Encounter brewing in her computer as well as scattered thoughts and ideas for her memoir.

Presently Priscilla is able to continue her quest of writing at the age of 89. 

PBS 14 November 21


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