Paul Smyth has always loved airplanes. Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, he flew with his dad, a private pilot, whenever possible. During his 35 years as a commercial/news videographer in Alberta, Paul eagerly grabbed the chance to take flight as media-related adventures presented themselves.

As an avid flight simulator enthusiast with thousands of virtual hours in his log book, Paul elevated his love of aviation to a new level, inventively writing himself and those he holds dear into a rousing, topflight story! As a proud husband, father and grandfather, Paul is all about wholeheartedly enjoying life with family and friends. He has created lasting memories with those he loves through jovial conversation, photography and video, and now—following a delightful journey of sleep-deprived self-discovery and good old-fashioned imagination—his first ever work of page turning, in-the-clouds fiction! Paul currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

He loves black coffee, the outdoors, long walks; and with the release of DELIVERIES, he has joyfully stumbled upon the absolute thrill of writing.

PS, 8 December 2021


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  1. Oh, my! I can’t imagine the astonishing amount of marvelous things the author must’ve seen in over 35 years of experience! And I love the “sleep-deprived self-discovery” part. LOL. I hope now that the book is published he’s enjoying some well-deserved rest with his loved ones.