I was born with stories in my blood. From before I could understand words, my mother read me bedtimes stories comprised of fairy tales, myths, and legends older than electricity. That instilled a love of reading in me that would take me all across the galaxy, to other worlds, and even other times.

But during my journeys, whether to ancient castles or star-crossed lovers on a battle station, it was always the characters that made my adventures great. They stuck with me, teaching me, letting me learn from their eyes. And I take that idea into my writing.

My clean romances don’t have intergalactic space fights, or nuclear bombs that will explode in five minutes, but they’re filled with real people as they try to navigate life and find the love their hearts have been aching for. Everyone deserves to see themselves lovingly and respectfully shown in fiction, so my goal is to do just that so we can go on a wholesome trip together.

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SK, 8 November 2021

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As a caterpillar goes out of its dark cocoon, grows its wings, and flies high up in the sky, I acknowledge my role in the entire process of the written word's metamorphosis through The Chrysalis BREW Project. I believe that beauty and goodness exist in everything and everyone - may we let that emerge and shine in each word we read, concoct, write, or share.

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