The BREW Seal of Excellence Award

This is an award for a book that received 5 out of 5 stars from all its BREW reader reviews.


  • 1 January – start of nominations
  • 31 May – deadline for nominations
  • 1 month after nomination – advanced notification of award winners already with existing BREW book reviews on nomination
  • 31 December – notification of all other award winners (Note: Book reviews for winning books may be published after this announcement date.)

The prize

  • The book’s author will receive a BREW email with a copy of the award’s digital logo file. This logo can be used for the winning book’s cover and other promotional materials, provided that all internet or web posts will contain a link redirecting to the specific BREW page for the award received.
  • Permanent 10% discount code that can be used for all BREW and Store with a Heart products and services.

How it works

To be considered for this award, your book must have 5 out of 5 stars in all its BREW reader reviews. From 5 March 2023, you only need to get at least 1 BREW review for your book to qualify. If you nominate for the award and your book still does not have a BREW book review, we will give your book a review at no extra cost to you as you only need to pay the flat rate 100 AUD (roughly 68 USD as of 5 March 2023) nomination fee.

Note: You will be taken to the secured payment processing facility of our multi-award-winning partner, Store with a Heart. Only those requests with corresponding payments will be processed. We will let you know if we need anything further to proceed, e.g. in the case of incomplete information provided or unpaid requests. Email us via if your book has more than 190,000 words.

More info

For more information, here are the links: