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Last page update: 25 May 2022

Important Notes

Terms and conditions specified on this page are for review requests lodged via the form at the bottom of this page or as freebies for a paid BREW Book Excellence Award nomination or a similar package. They may or may not apply to review requests made before the above indicated last update date. We reserve the right to make or implement changes without prior notice.

We all know that books and authors need reviews for a variety of reasons. However, not all book lovers write reviews. Not everyone who would like to write a review for your book has the capacity, time, resources, or flexibility to do so.

Requesting BREW book reviews is a sure way to get guaranteed reviews for your book. It’s a win-win!

If you don’t want to pay for reviews

This page is for paid book reviews only.

Click here if you’d like to explore both free and paid options.

Package Exclusions and Inclusions

Here’s a summary of what our reviews are not and what they are.


We cannot guarantee perfect ratings.

  • Review write-ups are based on what the reviewer reads.
  • The views expressed are what the reviewer really thinks.

Content purpose and usage

At this point, we do not offer pure “editorial reviews.” We offer real readers’ reviews and other options. Whereas these reviews are not meant to be editorial, our reviewers’ write-ups are authentic and editorial-like that you could use also for multiple purposes like the following:

  • Social media sharing
    • We will post your reviews on the BREW website at no extra cost to you. You can share these BREW book review posts on your social media channels.
    • We also share your book’s reviews on our social media channels, at no extra cost to you.
  • Quotes
    • You can use excerpts of the reviews for your book’s back or front cover, introduction, preface, website, or other advertising materials in print or online form.
    • When printed, here are our recommended formats:
      • for reader reviews posted on the BREW website – “<book review excerpt>” – <name of the reviewer as written on the post> at The Chrysalis BREW Project
      • for reader reviews posted on BREW sibling sites or non-BREW sites – “<book review excerpt>” – <name of the reviewer as written on the post> at <site name>
    • When sharing online:
      • Use the above print copy formats.
      • Link back to the BREW post where the review appears.


  • If your use of the review is within the bounds of the terms and conditions described above, you no longer need to request for our permission.
  • For full copy usage or if your use of the review is not within the scope described above or if you are unsure of anything, then contact us via


A BREW review has 2 main features:

  • The write-ups
    • In each book review report, you will receive at least 3 versions of your book’s review:
      • Version 1: The main review with 500 words – At no extra cost to you, we can publish this on our main website and share them via our social media channels.
      • Version 2: A short quotable write-up from The Chrysalis BREW Project – This will appear at the top of the book review post if published on the BREW website.
      • Version 3: A unique, shortened review version that the reviewer intends to post on non-BREW sites, if applicable – Posting on non-BREW sites is the reviewer’s prerogative. We do not and cannot pay, incentivize, or request reviewers to do so. However, we do not prevent them from posting elsewhere if it’s their personal choice.
    • You can choose to unpublish or not publish Version 1 of your book’s reviews.
  • Private feedback
    • Our report will also include recommendations to improve your book, based on the readers’ perspective.
    • Review write-ups and ratings are final.
      • There may be instances where a reviewer will be open to changing a review’s numerical rating for your book if identified minor typographical errors are corrected.
      • You can check this information on the review report.
      • However, this rating change is for minor errors only. No rating changes will be made if the reviewer did not specify so in the original review report.
    • You may or may not choose to implement the recommended changes.
    • Note: Grammar or typo errors listed are limited and not exhaustive.
      • Our reviewers may or may not be professional editors.
      • We offer a separate service for editing, proofreading, or manuscript improvement for an extra fee.
        • These are mere add-ons and are not required in any way.
        • Original reviews will be published as they are even if you subscribe to an add-on service.
        • However, you can request to not publish or unpublish your book’s review on the BREW website.

Our Guarantees

With our paid review packages, we can guarantee the following depending on the package you choose:

  • Guaranteed number of reviews
  • Guaranteed review completion date
  • Real reader reviews
  • Optional upgrades for an extra fee

What you need to begin

You need the following to lodge your request:

  • Your (author’s) details
  • Your book’s details (Title and ISBN or ASIN.)
  • A full pdf copy of your book, preferably without the cover and appropriately watermarked (e.g. COPY NOT FOR SALE, FOR BREW USE ONLY, REVIEW COPY, COPY FOR BREW AWARDS, or something similar) – You can also provide a Word copy and we will convert the document into a watermarked pdf for you. If you have free downloadable copies of the book on your site or another site like BookFunnel or Amazon for at least 5 days after your application, we can accept that too. You retain the copyright to your work, although we may use portions for purposes related to your book’s promotion or award nomination.
  • Your book cover’s file

If you don’t have what we require

To avoid incurring fees or surcharges, we require you to prepare and submit all requirements along with your application form.

If you are unable to provide the free copy of your book, we will send you an additional invoice equivalent to the total cost of purchasing your book plus 20% to cover platform as well as other fees for us to receive, process, and use the funds you’d send. We need the number of book copies equivalent to the number of reviews you requested for. Thus, the additional charges will be multiplied by the number of copies we will need to process your request.

Lodge and pay for your review request

If you’d like to request guaranteed BREW book reviews as a standalone package, you may use the form below.

Email us via if your book has more than 190,000 words or if you have questions.

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