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Note: We are currently fully booked. Thus, we are unable to process new book service requests at this point and until further notice. We apologise for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.

Use this page if you’d like to request additional exposures, brand recall, increased web presence, and online visibility for you and your book. If you’re looking for a book promotion with outright sales results, improved bestseller rankings, or financial ROIs, this offer is not for you.

This package combines the freebies from our basic book promotion offer with the benefits of press release (PR) submission and distribution to around 100 or more news and media sites.

(Note: We are not a PR submission or distribution site. We merely facilitate your PR submission and distribution processes. However, we will do the legwork and heavy lifting while helping you avoid the guesswork, leverage the competitive pricing, and ensure the guaranteed acceptance and publication of your PR through our experience and network.)

Terms and Conditions

Before you lodge your promotion request, below are the terms and conditions you must know.

What you need to begin

  • Your (author’s) details
  • Original, unique, never published “About the Author” write-up (100 to 300 words)
  • Your (author’s) answers to interview questions
  • Your book’s details (ISBN, word count, etc.)
  • Original, unique, never published blurb of your book (300 to 500 words)
  • A full pdf copy of your book, preferably without the cover and appropriately watermarked (e.g. COPY NOT FOR SALE, FOR BREW USE ONLY, REVIEW COPY, COPY FOR BREW AWARDS, or something similar) – You can also provide a Word copy and we will convert the document into a watermarked pdf for you. If you have free downloadable copies of the book on your site or another site like BookFunnel or Amazon for at least 5 days after your application, on your requested promotion date, AND at least 2 days before and after your requested promotion date (a total of 10 free download days), we can accept that too. You retain the copyright to your work, although we may use portions for purposes related to your book’s promotion or award nomination.
  • Your book cover’s file
  • Your (author’s) profile photo’s file
  • At least 2 existing reviews publicly available on a reputable website, which you have permission to use and authorize us to include in your press release
  • Your official statement to be quoted on the press release
If you don’t have what we require

To avoid incurring fees or surcharges, we require you to prepare and submit all requirements along with your application form.

If you are unable to provide one or more of the specific requirements, we will send you an invoice for the additional service(s) we need to complete before we can process your request.

Here are some of the extra fees:

  • Author’s bio rewriting: For 10 AUD, we can rewrite your existing bio upon your request. For us to do this, you will need to provide the link to your LinkedIn profile or published bio on your own site or another reputable site. This service does not include fact-checking, as we will only rewrite what you already have. We do not offer an author’s bio writing service.
  • Blurb writing: For 30 AUD, we can write a 300-word blurb for you if you will provide the watermarked full pdf book copy.
  • Blurb rewriting: For 10 AUD, we can write your own existing blurb if you will provide the watermarked full pdf book copy and the link to your own existing blurb that you’d like us to rewrite. This service does not include fact-checking, as we will only rewrite what you already have.
  • Book purchase: If you don’t have a full watermarked pdf copy of your book, we can buy copies of your book instead. Fees for the service will vary according to your book’s price, any delivery fees if available on paperback/hardcover version only, plus 20% to pay several platforms for us to receive, process, and disburse the amount you’d send us.

If you cannot pay all the amounts you need to pay for us to process all the tasks for your application:

  • We will process only the tasks that had been paid for, if possible.
    • Example: If you were unable to provide a unique author’s bio or answers to interview questions but provided us with what we need for the book’s promotion, we will process your book’s promotion on your preferred date (if available) but will not post a separate Author’s Profile write-up.
    • Another example: If you were able to provide a unique author’s bio, answers to interview questions, book blurb, and a suitable book copy, but did not pay us for the promotion, we will post the Author’s Profile and Book’s Profile. However, we will not process your book’s promotion on the date you requested.
  • If it’s not possible for us to complete any task for your application because of your incomplete submission or payment, we will either:
    • send back 80% of what you paid us if we have not done anything yet (the 20% will be used to cover several platform fees for receiving, processing, and sending back what you paid us) or
    • deduct a minimum of 20% but not greater than 50% from your refund to cover the amount of work we have already done.


The following are the PR-related fees and charges:

  • For free books, guaranteed PR acceptance by 80 or more general sites – 100 AUD (roughly 71 USD)
  • For 0.99 USD books – additional 50 AUD
  • For 1 to 10 USD books – additional 100 AUD
  • For 10.01 to 20 USD books – additional 200 AUD
  • PR writing and formatting – additional 100 AUD
  • PR writing and formatting + fact-checking – additional 200 AUD
  • Guaranteed PR acceptance by 200 general sites – additional 100 AUD
  • Guaranteed PR acceptance by 300 general sites – additional 200 AUD
  • Guaranteed PR acceptance by 400 general sites – additional 300 AUD
  • Guaranteed PR acceptance by 500 general sites – additional 400 AUD
  • Guaranteed PR acceptance by 500 general sites + targeted distribution to 1 industry or country – additional 900 AUD

Step 1: Lodge and pay for your request.

Important Note: You will be taken to the secured payment processing facility of our partner site, Store with a Heart. Thus, you will receive emails from the said site regarding your order and further information about offers and discounts; you can opt out or unsubscribe anytime from emails you do not want to receive.

Step 2: Prepare for your book’s promotion day.

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We also recommend the following:

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  • Like, comment, and share your promotional posts. The better engagement for your posts, the more likely that your book will get wider coverage.

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