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This promotion package:

  • Does not guarantee any number of sales.
  • Does not guarantee any increase in bestseller ranking.
  • Does not guarantee any specific promotion date.
  • Does not guarantee other specific results.
What you need to begin

If your request includes a free book promotion:

  • Your book’s details
  • Your book cover’s file
  • Your book’s blurb – This must be:
    • at least 300 words and
    • an original, unique, never published version.
  • For the Facilitated Posting option only, not applicable to the Instant Posting option: A full copy of your book, if you’d like to have it included in our list for possible book reviews – The waiting time for free reviews as of 8 September 2022 is 12 months but may become even longer depending on demand; we recommend that you upgrade to a paid service to get your guaranteed review slot. You retain the copyright to your work, although we may use portions for purposes related to your book’s review, promotion, or award nomination. We can accept any of the following:
    • Free downloadable copies of the book on your site or another site like BookFunnel for at least 5 days after your application
    • Free to download copies on Google Books, Amazon, or a similar book site for at least 5 days after your application

If your request includes a free Author’s Profile with an Interview post

  • Your (author’s) details
  • Original, unique, never published “About the Author” write-up (100 to 300 words)
  • Your (author’s) answers to interview questions
  • Your (author’s) profile photo’s file

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