Media Outreach Packages

Be a news feature

Did you ever wonder how you could get yourself, your book, or your business in the news?

Stop guessing and start making it happen!

The best thing: We can help you with achieving your goal of “being seen” on news, TV, radio, and other related sites for a small fraction of the usual costs. Plus, we can give you a guaranteed number of sites where your story will appear depending on the package you’d get.

A press release and its benefits

A press release (PR) is an official news piece normally used to announce new products, mergers, or significant pieces of timely information. It is usually utilized by huge corporations and important personalities like TV stars or sports icons, but we believe that you also deserve a chance for that spotlight if you have a real and newsworthy factual story to tell too!

A PR has the following advantages:

  • Functions as your official statement about you or your brand
  • Helps your followers avoid the guesswork and know the real story
  • Features your newsworthy story on where it should appear
  • Widens your audience
  • Spreads the word about your awesome achievement or announcement
  • Increases social presence
  • Reinforces social proof
  • Aids in search engine optimization (SEO) for your brand
  • Enhances online visibility

BREW PR exclusions

BREW is not a PR submission or distribution site. Upon request, what we do for you is to facilitate your PR submission and distribution processes, to cut the chase, and to simplify the process for you. You can avoid the exorbitance, legwork, heavy lifting, and guesswork as you can leverage the competitive pricing and guaranteed syndication for your PR through our network. You’d even get a post-activity PR distribution pdf report with links to actual sites where the PR goes live, so you don’t have to search for your PR on individual sites on your own.

Like any other BREW product or service, we do not guarantee any outright financial return on investments (ROIs), sales, increased rankings, reviews, or other results for your PR. It may or may not produce financial or non-financial ROIs, but such are merely bonuses and not part of our guarantees.

The Basic and Premium PR packages’ distribution includes general sites only for maximum coverage. If you wish a targeted distribution – e.g. specific country or industry, we can facilitate your request when you choose the Platinum PR package. Contact us if you’re interested in upgrading your PR to include more than one distribution targeting parameter.

We do not include PR writing in our Basic and Premium packages. If you want us to help you write your PR text, you need to choose the Platinum option. We currently do not include exhaustive fact-checking in any of our packages, so you have the responsibility to provide us with true and factual information for your PR.

PRs cannot be modified once published. Thus, ensure that the information you provide to us is what really should be published. Similarly, we recommend that you ensure you’ve checked the proof we will provide to you based on what you gave us before you give your final approval to publish.

If you found an error on the PR after it has been published, you are discouraged from contacting the PR sites. They cannot modify your PR. Contacting them for change requests may even force the sites to take down your PR. We are unable to restore deleted PRs. A take-down request will cost you a minimum of 200 AUD.

BREW PR distribution report

You will receive a PR post-distribution report.

Note the following in addition to the abovementioned features and exclusions:

  • The PR report will contain live links to actual sites where your PR appears.
  • Your PR may disappear from certain sites after some time. Thus, we recommend that you take screenshots or print to pdf your PR’s appearance on the sites that you’re interested in for memory sake or reference purposes.
  • We are unable to guarantee where the individual sites will publish your PR. Certain sites may choose to publish it on their other pages and not on their pages. Thus, using the sites’ usual search functions will not make your PR show up.
  • Not all PR versions will show up on search engine results. Some may show up at some point but may also disappear at another point.
  • You need to click on the individual site’s links to view your PR.

BREW PR sample

Below is a sample PR post-distribution report for BREW Awardees’ Premium Package. Use the scroll button on the right side of the pdf report to view the live links to sites where the PR was published. Click the individual links to view the PR on each site listed. Note that this is a sample only. The actual sites where your PR will be published may vary, although you will get the number of sites guaranteed by your chosen PR package.

BREW PR options

All our annual award winners will have their respective titles announced in a consolidated PR. Book or Blog of the Year awardees will have their individual PRs.

However, we can offer PRs for a fee to the following:

  • All award winners who want extra PR coverage
  • All BREW authors or their books with a newsworthy story to tell
  • All other brands with a newsworthy story to tell

Platinum Book Promotion package

  • Cost – From 100 AUD
  • You will provide the write-up.
  • The PR will be distributed to 80 or more news, TV, radio, media, and other sites.
  • This also includes a free Author’s Profile with an interview.
  • For more details or to submit your request, visit the following page:

Award-winner’s PR packages

For Brands

Basic PR package

  • Cost – 150 AUD
  • You will provide the write-up.
  • The PR will be distributed to 100 or more news, TV, radio, media, and other sites.
  • To place your order, use the form below.

Premium PR package

  • Cost – 400 AUD
  • You will provide the write-up. We will help you format your PR for quicker approval.
  • The PR will be distributed to 200 or more news, TV, radio, media, and other sites. Distribution will include premium sites.
  • To place your order, use the form below.

Platinum PR package

  • Cost – 1,000 AUD
  • PR write-up is included.
  • The PR will be distributed to 300 or more news, TV, radio, media, and other sites. Distribution will include premium sites.
  • This includes distribution to 1 targeted audience only, i.e. to a specific industry (e.g. publishing), country (e.g. Australia), etc.
  • Additional distribution sites or target parameters will attract extra fees. Contact us before placing your order, so we can give you the quote.
  • To place your order, use the form below.

Discounts and offers

Award winners will be given their special discount codes through their respective BREW Award announcement emails. If you are a BREW awardee and you don’t have your code, contact us first before you place your order.

For all other PR requesting parties, we may be able to offer special discounts from time to time or on a case-to-case basis.

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Important timelines

We will ask you to specify your preferred promotion date. If the date you requested is not possible, we will let you know.

PRs need to be timely, so it’s important to lodge your PR requests as soon as you can. We will let you know if adjustments need to be made to ensure your PR request’s guaranteed acceptance by the media sites.

Media sites do not usually process PR requests during weekends and holidays. Thus, processing of submissions made from Friday to Sunday or on public holidays may commence the following Monday or the next business day.

PRs can be published around 2 to 8 business days after a final write-up draft has been submitted. We can normally provide you a copy of the PR distribution report in 2 to 4 business days after the actual publication date.

Very important reminder

Some sites may modify the PR to suit their specific requirements. We are unable to make changes to the PR once it has already been published. The only solution in such a worst-case scenario is to unpublish the PR from all the sites, which will then attract a minimum extra 200 AUD payment from you. You are discouraged from contacting the sites directly, as they will have no choice but to take down your PR unnecessarily and without prior notice.

Ensure that you fully read, understood, and agreed with the PR’s full terms and conditions prior to placing an order. If you have questions not addressed in the references and links, it’s best to contact us first via

What you need to begin

Prepare the requirements for your PR before you place your order.

Refer to the following pages for more details about the requirements:

  • For books –
  • For BREW award winners – Refer to your BREW award email for password details.
  • For brands – Here are the requirements:
    • For Basic and Premium PR packages: The full text of your requested press release. Use 300 to 400 words. PR information must be factual, timely, and newsworthy.
    • For the Platinum PR Package only: If you can’t complete a draft, prepare as much information for your PR text as you can, and we can work together on a final draft based on your responses.
    • If you wish, you can provide an official statement about your award or press release topic.
    • Prepare 1 or 2 links to reviews or official statements about you, your book, or your brand. Include the name, title, and company (if applicable) of the person.  Ensure that you have permission to use the reviews or statements. You could also request for BREW book reviews; click here for more details.
    • Prepare 1 other link that you’d like to include in your PR. This could be your book’s purchase link, your personal website, your blog, or your company website.
    • File and caption for the image you wish to use for your PR. You may use your book’s cover or brand logo, if applicable. Note, though, that this image may not appear on all sites.
    • Prepare your Contact Details. The required information includes the following: Full Name of Contact Person, Position and Organization, Email Address, Mailing Address, and Website. Note that all these details will be published along with the main PR text.
    • Refer to the PR submission form(s) below for more details about what you will be asked to provide.

Step 1: Lodge and pay for your request.

Important Note: You will be taken to the secured payment processing facility of our partner site, Store with a Heart. Thus, you will receive emails from the said site regarding your order and further information about offers and discounts; you can opt out or unsubscribe anytime from emails you do not want to receive.

Step 2: Prepare for your book’s promotion day.

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  • Like, comment, and share your promotional posts. The better engagement for your posts, the more likely that your book will get wider coverage.

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