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by AlexisTolkkinen

  • Awards, reviews, press releases, and other relevant information: I was accepted in "The New Boston Poetry Review" and anthology "Now That You Are Gone From This World"
  • Author's Name: Alexis R Tolkkinen
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  • About the Author: Growing up I always had an interest in poetry. I felt a calmness and relief from writing In a way that nothing else could. Living at home with 7 younger siblings can be loud at times and it gets very difficult to find a space to write. Regardless I always find some me time and tend to shift towards reading or writing poetry.

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by therighterwriterproofreading

  • Titles of All Books: Euphonia Klank and the Aether Beast
  • Author's Name: Tamara Alba
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  • About the Author: Tamara Alba is a high school teacher who loves to share her love of books with kids of all ages. On her own time, she sews her own cosplay and often goes to conventions throughout the Northwest dressed as her favorite characters. She also loves to travel, and has been fortunate enough to visit some amazing places while teaching English around the world.

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