Oct 7, 2022

Healing Doves: Mental Health Poetry

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  • About the Author: Growing up I always had an interest in poetry. I felt a calmness and relief from writing In a way that nothing else could. Living at home with 7 younger siblings can be loud at times and it gets very difficult to find a space to write. Regardless I always find some me time and tend to shift towards reading or writing poetry.
  • 1. Did you love reading books when you were little? Why or why not?: I used to get grounded from reading fiction because I would sit around reading all day instead of helping out around the house or working on my homeschool assignments. Reading felt like living in another world.
  • 2. At what age did you start reading books? What were your best memories of that time?: My dad taught me how to read straight from the Bible when I was 7. I remember sitting on the couch and struggling over certain words. The memory wasn't the most enjoyable thing especially not knowing how to read but with my parents guidance reading became fun. My dad would tell me that reading was like watching a movie.
  • 3. What was the first book you loved reading? Why?: I grew up reading the hobbit with my dad and siblings. we'd all gather around in a circle while each one of us took turns reading.
  • 4. When did you first think about writing your first book? Why?: I first thought about writing my first book when I started writing 'Peace Tree Poetry' page on Facebook and got a lot of positive feedback.
  • 5. What was the greatest obstacle you've encountered when you were writing your book? What made you overcome it?: A lot of people will be negative and rude but I figured out that not caring what people think really helps my self esteem.
  • 6. What pieces of advice can you give aspiring authors? What worked for you?: Never underestimate your writing gifts.
  • 7. Who are the authors or what are the books that had the greatest influence in your own writing? Why?: R.H Sin and Rupi Kaur both had unique ways of approaching poetry which is so inspirational. I enjoy contemporary poetry because it's easy to understand yet so deep.
  • 8. What are your current or future writing plans? What can readers further expect from you?: I am currently writing my second Poetry book.
  • Awards, reviews, press releases, and other relevant information: I was accepted in "The New Boston Poetry Review" and anthology "Now That You Are Gone From This World"
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