Guest Reviewers and Contributors Terms and Conditions

Last update: 6 September 2022

Here at BREW, we aim to make things as short and simple as possible. Please do note, however, that our review team terms and conditions may change from time to time to remain attuned to what’s really best for all concerned. Thus, you are encouraged to bookmark this page to remain updated. From 15 June, the terms and conditions specified herein will also apply to all BREW Guest Contributing Writers and not just to Guest Reviewers. Kindly note that there is a separate page of terms and conditions as well as acceptance parameters for paid reviewers and contributors.

Here are shortcuts to information, which you may find useful in your BREW book reviewing journey. If you have not read them yet, you are strongly encouraged to do so first before submitting your response to the form below.

General Review Terms and Conditions

Here are some of the salient details:

  • If you are new to BREW or if this is your first time submitting a BREW book review, ensure that you submit the form at the bottom after you have fully read, understood, and agreed with all of the terms and conditions specified on this page.
  • Every time a review opportunity comes up, you will receive an email from us.
    • In the same email, you will be provided with further steps and other details specific to the book review task.
    • If you cannot do the review, please reply to the email to say so; otherwise, it will be assumed that you are able to complete the review on time and given the specified details.
  • Reviews should have no spoilers in any way, even if well-meant.
  • Generally, all reviews should have at least 500 words. You may write more words, as you wish.
  • Give the book a rating up to 5 stars, which you think it deserves where 1 star means it is not good while 5 stars will mean it’s perfect.
  • We still do not have a standard gauge for reviews except for what’s already indicated in the review submission form, and we’d like to be as dynamic and responsive to the needs of the times as much as possible.
    • If you have a great idea, feel free to recommend parameters as you deem necessary.
    • For now, what you believe is the best review format will do, as long as you present valid supporting write-ups for your rating.
    • If you’ve already reviewed for another site before, feel free to use the same format if you are comfortable with it.
  • Whereas our reviews’ format is flexible, our intent is fixed: Our business is to lift each other up, and not to pull anyone down.
    • Thus, be creatively frank (i.e. state what really is in a more generally acceptable way that you can) and straightforward (i.e. rational and logical) yet constructive and fair with your write-up.
    • If you’ve given a book 1 out of stars, for example, still write as many positive points for the book as you can.
    • There’s a separate field in the review submission form where you’d be asked to list errors and another for recommending other areas for improvement. These two fields are private and for the author’s consumption.
  • If it’s your first time writing a BREW book review, we recommend viewing the review submission form, so you’d know what you’re expected to take note of while reading the book and what you need to write for your review submission thereafter. Click here to view the book review upload form. Also, we recommend that you look at book review samples published on our website. Here are some of them:
  • Do NOT publish the review elsewhere.
  • You will be provided with further information on what the next step(s) will be.
    • Generally, the next tasks will include posting the approved review on your websites or other sites that you’re able to post on, but such is merely optional.
    • The additional specific task(s) for your review, if any, will be indicated in the email you’d receive from BREW.
  • If you’ve got any questions, comments, or recommendations, reply to the email sent to you related to your specific inquiry or email for general inquiries.


We would like to thank everyone who responded to our Facebook poll and shared thoughts about our review editing and feedback system.

Kindly note the following:

  • You are all BREW Contributing Writers for one among many important reasons – you have ample experience and expertise in the craft. 
  • Yet we also know that even the best among us are requesting or could benefit from constructive feedback. Thus, we would love to give you feedback whenever possible or applicable. 
  • As a long-term plan, we envision giving feedback for all reviews.
  • However, due to the admin work and costs entailed, we are unable to automatically provide feedback for all BREW reviews. 
  • Thus, moving forward and as a short-term solution while we’re still transitioning into a business website:
    • You will receive feedback for your review(s) in 1 or more of the following circumstances:
      • When deemed urgent or essential,
      • If we cannot publish your review,
      • If your review has major issues, 
      • Whenever possible, or
      • For other business reasons or purposes.
    • Requests for expedited, extended, or upgraded feedback may attract a fee. Kindly refer to our updated review submission form below for more details. 
  • To give everyone an idea of what feedback will be given, each reviewer will receive feedback for at least 1 review in the coming days if the reviewer has not received any yet.
  • Per the poll results and as deemed necessary, the feedback will have the following form and content:
    • The feedback will cover your Review Version # 1 only.
    • You will be rated up to 5 stars using the same evaluation criteria that you use when reviewing books, specifically the following:
      • Content
      • Writing Style
      • Appeal to Target Audience
      • Uniqueness
      • Editing
      • Other Factors
    • The “Other Factors” criterion of the feedback report will include observations about your ability to follow instructions as well as other Review Team Terms and Conditions that the feedback giver is aware of. You will be notified about other areas for improvement not known to the feedback giver through other means, if and as deemed necessary.

About BREW Links and Communication Channels

A. Important Notes

  1. As we are now a business, it is paramount that all BREW clients contact us through our official communication channels – i.e. through our BREW Contact Form or by emailing us via
  2. We would like to avoid scenarios where authors or clients are contacting BREW contributors individually.
  3. We know that it may be impossible at times not to be contacted by authors or clients. Thus, in case they contact you to request a review or for another query, kindly use the following scripting:
    • “Dear <author’s name>, thank you for contacting me about your query or request. So you could get the best possible answers and options, kindly email Let them know that I, <your name>, referred you. If you were to place an order, use the code <THECHRYSALISBREWPROJECT> on checkout to get a 10% discount. If you can’t use the code, use the specific order form’s “Message to Seller” box to write the code and you will get a refund equivalent to the 10% discount you should have received. I hope this helps. All the best and kind regards.”
  4. If any of BREW’s clients will notify us that you referred the sale, we will manually process your 5% commission via Paypal. 
  5. We hope the above helps you somehow, in as much as we appreciate your being with us in this literary journey.

Free Directory Listing

Whereas in the above section we are restricting the placement of links and other information that will entice BREW clients and audiences to directly contact you, we would still like to support you and your non-BREW endeavours in reasonable ways we can.

Thus, we are pleased to announce that BREW now has a new feature – the BREW Directory.

Here are the salient details:

  • If you have a book, product, blog, website, offer, freebie, announcement, article, news piece, press release, or anything you’d like to share, feel free to create your own free listing.
  • You can create as many listings as you wish, as long as they are legal and do not violate terms and conditions.
  • You can include your email (so prospective clients can contact you directly), website links, images (up to 6), and even a link to a YouTube video.
  • The listings go live as soon as you publish them. However, you need to complete the relevant BREW form if you want them to be included in BREW newsletters.
  • There’s an option to upgrade listings to Featured status for 36.5 AUD per year. But, that’s entirely optional.
  • Here’s the link to more information:

Submissions and copyright

Now that BREW is a business, we have to take extra care and effort to protect our content and rights as well as to respect others’ as well. Thus, we have the following policies in place:

  • All submissions must be your own original work and not published elsewhere.
  • All submissions must be checked against an appropriate plagiarism or duplicate checker to ensure that no other similar post exists on another site.
  • In the event that another’s work need to be quoted, ensure that you have rights or permission to do so and that the relevant source URL link is provided along with your submission.
  • For book reviews, you may include up to 20 words of quoted text provided that the said text is relevant to the review and will not be tantamount to giving out spoilers.
  • Once published on the BREW website or sibling sites, all submissions will become BREW properties.
    • You are unable to use any part thereof on another site or for any other purpose – unless we have given an expressed special approval for you to do so.
    • You may, however, use the Version 3 of your book reviews anywhere that you wish and able to post about the book or the review.
      • When sharing Version 3 on your own website or social media channels, include a link back to your post on the BREW website.
      • You may post Version 3 on other sites but there are sites that do not allow commercial reviews or links. Thus, kindly do so only out of your own volition because we will not require or request that you do so especially if it will go against the rules. Some sites also do not allow links on reviews.

BREW Messaging Codes

As we have different time zones – midday here may be midnight at your end or vice versa, for example, we thought of coming up with a general BREW code for all our emails and messages. We also encourage you to use the codes, when applicable, so we could understand each other.

Here are the codes and what they mean:

  • URGENT: The message requires information or action to be provided or done preferably within 24 hours or less.
  • IMPORTANT: The message requires information or action to be provided or done preferably within 1 to 5 business days.
  • Unmarked message: A message with none of the above 2 codes can be acted upon whenever you already can.

*Kindly note that the above codes do not replace timelines or submission due dates for reviews, articles, or another BREW task where there are dates specified or agreed upon.

The World’s Best Magazine Opportunities

The Inaugural Issue has been published on 1 September 2022!

– If you already made submissions or agreed to be part of the project, thank you very much! You rock!
– If not and you would like to contribute, email for more details.

Book Review Upload Form

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