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Melanie wrote Love Snaggs: A Little Dog’s Courageous Journey, which won a prestigious literary prise. Melanie, a native of North Providence, Rhode Island, attended Bryant University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science and joined the Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority. Melanie’s always had a soft spot for strays and rescued pets. She also has talents in the areas of dance, music, and art. Her debut novel is titled Love Snaggs. Melanie, a three-time cancer survivor, and her family and dog, Wesley, currently reside in Central Florida.

BREW Question: Did you love reading books when you were little? Why or why not?

Author’s Response:

I have always loved reading books. In fact, I was learning to read before I even got to Kindergarten. Books and reading were always a big part of my life. My mother and father read books to me every day of my life until I could read them myself. Then we read together.

BREW Question: At what age did you start reading books? What were your best memories of that time?

Author’s Response:

I started reading books before I even started school. My best memories are of my mom and dad read to me, and eventually with me, when I was a child.

BREW Question: What was the first book you loved reading? Why?

Author’s Response:

My first favorite book was actually a series. My mother had the entire collection of the Honeybunch Children’s Books. I treasured those books so much, not only because of the stories, but also because it was something from my momks own childhood that she shared with me.

BREW Question: When did you first think about writing your first book? Why?

Author’s Response:

At first, writing was more of an outlet for me. I had a lot of health issues starting in my late twenties, and journaling really helped me cope. It was when I was diagnosed with breast cancer that I really started writing. I spent a lot of time in hospitals – having lots of tests and doing a lot of waiting. The waiting was brutal. I kept one of those fifty-cent marble notebooks and a pen with me at all times, and I journaled my entire experience. I wrote about all of it – the bad, the scary, the really bad, and the blessings along the way. When my treatment was done, I turned it into a manuscript for a book. But I never shared it. It turns out that it was just too personal to put out there.

BREW Question: What was the greatest obstacle you’ve encountered when you were writing your book? What made you overcome it?

Author’s Response:

The greatest obstacle was finding the perfect writing potion… time + quiet. Eventually, I learned that my only quiet time was in the middle of the night, which is when I worked on my book.

BREW Question: What pieces of advice can you give aspiring authors? What worked for you?

Author’s Response:

Honestly, the best advice I can give is to filter out all the negativity and doubt. That’s just noise. Get as much feedback as you can, and use it to improve your craft. It’s worth it to design a book cover that grabs the eye’s attention.

BREW Question: Who are the authors or what are the books that had the greatest influence on your own writing? Why?

Author’s Response:

My favorite authors from childhood to adulthood are A. A. Milne, Helen Louise Thorndike, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Louisa May Alcott, Norton Juster, Beverly Cleary, Madeleine L’Engle, Anne Frank, Anne Rice, Dean Koontz, Dr. Michio Kaku, Dr. Stephen Hawking, and many more!

BREW Question: What are your current or future writing plans? What can readers further expect from you?

Author’s Response:

I’m currently working on a cozy-type mystery that takes place in an unusual geographic location. That’s all I’m willing to divulge at the moment. Sorry!

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