“An easy read. After the devastating death of her only children, two sons, Naomi wants her daughters-in-law to find happiness again. Ximena has her family in Mexico but Holland has no one but her. She decides to play matchmaker. Kai and Holland have no idea she is plotting. Holland goes to work for Kai and quickly becomes indispensable. Everyone can see the chemistry between them although they constantly deny it. Can’t wait to see who Naomi chooses for Ximena.”

–Sharli Kaltenbach on Goodreads

Holland Gallagher, a 27-year-old widow, has taken a year off from her thriving business administration and finance career to mourn the unexpected death of her husband and brother-in-law. (Ximena, her sister-in-law, only took a few weeks off work. Holland is still amazed at how badass her sister is on a regular basis.)

Naomi, Holland’s mother-in-law, introduces her to a long-time family friend Kai, the dreamy Black-slash-Samoan CEO of a corporate consulting firm (think a started-in-his-dorm-room PwC or Ernst & Young with an eye to making corporations better citizens of the world).

Their age difference (she’s half his age plus seven years, a gap the internet assures Kai is perfectly reasonable) and her waves of grief stand in their way.

Naomi, undeterred, gives them another push when she asks Kai to hire Holland. Holland adds heat to Kai’s company—first as a consultant to the consultancy (a concept she finds amusing), then as Chief Strategy Officer—and to Kai’s heart until he proposes (on a first date!) on stage at a charity gala in Mexico City. He whisks her away the next morning to Palermo, Sicily, for their first date. What a whirlwind! Yes, complete with the consequences.

“Holland, My Heart” is a witty, dual POV, love-after-loss standalone romance loosely based on the Bible book of Ruth (but with lots of juicy Kai-delivered f-bombs, Holland’s drunken confessions of adoration after a night of vampiros with her sister-in-law, and one spicy open-door steamy scene).

Book Details

  • Title: Holland, My Heart
  • Author: Jennifer J Coldwater
  • Genre: Multicultural and Interracial Romance
  • Publication Date: 4 October 2022
  • Number of Pages: 246

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  1. I love romance stories, and it always brings at smile to my face to see my culture depicted in other country’s literature:)