Easy Techniques and Strategies used by A-listers to Heal, Reset and Restore

Internationally recognised osteopath, performance coach and recovery specialist, James Davies launches Body, the ultimate guide to preventing pain and fuelling your body to its fullest potential.

Nicknamed ‘the Sherlock Holmes of body pain diagnosis and widely known as the man with the healing hands’, James has helped elite athletes and people of all walks improve performance in sport and stay healthy while pursuing their activity of choice.

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From tips on how to live pain free through to advice on adopting and maintaining a holistic approach to health, BODY, available 6th September 2022, teaches you how to revolutionise your body like an A-lister.

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“James is the man; he has revolutionised the way I feel about my body.”


“James is my body coach.”


“I’ve been dealing with back pain for years now. Meeting James has been a game changer.

James’s approach is completely revolutionary; this book will be a lifeline to readers everywhere. Also, it’s simple and as a busy Mama of two, simple is what I need right now.”


“Thanks for having our backs. Simply the best”


“James has been essential in my recovery from injuries, games and improving my performance”

— TYRONE MINGS, Aston Villa and England

Packed with stories and employing his 360-road map to well-being, James presents a new understanding of chronic pain, what needs to be done, and where to find further help. Using simple and practical methods, James shows you how to shield your body from injury, understand and manage pain, and puts you on the path of adopting full body health.

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BODY explains that pain doesn’t have to be part of getting old.Many people believe it’s natural to have pain as you grow older. It’s true that as you age, your body will begin to deteriorate as you’re more susceptible to injuries and joint problems. If you had a scan on your back in your early thirties, it would probably show some degeneration. People often hear this and decide that it’s all downhill for them.

What they don’t know is that if you scanned the back of a Premiership footballer or Olympic athlete at the same age, they would have degeneration too.

But with daily exercises and stretches, your body should carry you well into your later years before anything starts to give you pain. So, please don’t expect pain as a consequence of getting older. Instead, it’s a message from your body that something isn’t quite right.

“In my new book, Body, I show you all the stretches you can build into your daily life to help keep you pain-free. The best bit is that you don’t have to put time aside to do them, as I’ll show you how to build them into your current routine.” – said James Davies, author of BODY.

Published by HQ on the 1st of September 2022, Pre-order your book here:

Hardback £18.99, and also available on eBook and audio.


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One thought on “Featured Book: “Body” by James Davies”
  1. Chronic pain’s been one of the most taxing things I’ve dealt with, so I can’t applaud this book enough. Indeed, it’s not a normal experience at any age, and we should have all the tools at our disposition to deal with it, since meds are not always the solution. Great book!