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  • Title: How to Win the World Cup: Secrets and Insights from International Football’s Top Managers
  • Author: Chris Evans
  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • Publication Date: 21 July 2022
  • ISBN or ASIN:
  • Number of Pages: B09ZQ38CNQ


Master tacticians, insane rulers, and fortunate generals… This fascinating examination reveals the attitudes and, to be completely honest, somewhat astonishing methods of the coaches who work to award football’s greatest honour.


The most renowned tournament in the world can make or ruin a national coach, turning him into a godlike genius or the target of a furious nation. What are the secrets of the 20 managers who have led their teams to World Cup success? This book looks for the secrets to the most elite club in international football, from radical strategies to crazy plans.

What can the coach actually do to affect their team’s performance, despite their sly plotting on the bench or frenetic gesturing from the sidelines? Learn about the innovative tactics, winning ideas, odd superstitions, mind-blowing team-building techniques, and psychological master courses that managers have used in their pursuit of the coveted trophy.

This book thoroughly details the lengths the man in the dugout will go to to win the biggest prize. It charts the successes, failures, dramas, and controversies of 90 years of World Cup action through the insights of journalists, players, and managers with first-hand experience of World Cup competition.

Leading World Cup figures including Luiz Felipe Scolari, Geoff Hurst, Carlos Alberto Parreira, Pierre Littbarski, Roberto Martinez, Mick McCarthy, Tomas Brolin, Jamie Carragher, Alexi Lalas, Patrick Barclay, Raphael Honigstein, and Graham Hunter have all contributed to the book.

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2 thoughts on “Featured Book: “How to Win the World Cup” by Chris Evans”
  1. […] How to Win the World Cup is Chris’s second book following the publication of Learning Curve in 2017, but his first with a major publisher. The book includes dozens of exclusive interviews with big names from previous tournaments, such as Sir Geoff Hurst, Luiz Felipe Scolari and Jamie Carragher, and managers currently involved, including Roberto Martinez. […]

  2. Oh, my. Football is huge in mi country and people get truly passionate about it. I’ve never truly got it. This book might be interesting from a strategic and psychological point of view but could be hard to grasp for people like me.