The secret world of the rich and famous, as lived by one of

London‘s most exclusive

personal trainers

Based at the heart of London’s sophisticated Fritzrovia, Matt Hodges welcomes some of the world’s best-known celebrities, VIP’s and billionaires into his state-of-the-art and highly exclusive studio  which provides a private, chic haven for those striving to look their best.

With nearly two decades of experience as a PT and massage therapist, ‘Matt has seen it all and been in more intimate and compromising positions than a game of twister. With many tears, tantrums, and diamond-encrusted tiaras thrown in along the way, life on the gym floor isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.

Behind Gym Doors is an honest, hilarious, and sometimes uncomfortable account of Matt’s life as a trainer. From his early years, working in dingy, leaky basement gyms, scrubbing toilet floors and mopping up ‘VIPee’ to owning one of the most elite and ‘hush hush’ studios in London – Matt spills the beans on life in the ‘inner elite circles’. He tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about his life behind the gym doors.

Each new chapter brings an ensemble of colourful characters, cringe situations and laugh-out-loud stories. From arm wrestling with the Russian Mafia, examining ’embarrassing’ body parts of world-famous singers, and being in the firing line of a Cabbage Soup rectum explosion. A wild ride through the eye drops of popular culture.

Behind Gym Doors is an exclusive invitation into some of London’s finest establishments, from the sprawling mansions of Chelsea to the A-listers’ private penthouse parties; you will get a glimpse at how the other half lives and realise the ‘upper class’ are not always as classy as they seem!

As well as the glitz, glamour and instagram posts of the showbiz world, Behind Gym Doors also delves into the nitty gritty truth behind the multi-billion dollar fitness industry. – a business saturated with quick crazes and whacky trends – drinking bodily fluids, consuming cotton wool, eating raw placentas and fat freezing contraptions—often fronted and endorsed by a multitude of famous faces and teen pin ups. The fitness industry, can be a dark, dangerous and overly influential place. Over run by under qualified instructors, fitness influencers and wannabe trainers.

‘If you have to airbrush your physique, you’re doing something wrong. Social
media photo filters are the modern-day balaclava. If you go missing, everyone’s going to be
looking for Angelina Jolie, when they should be looking for a bulldog chewing a wasp’

– Matt Hodges

Matt, 39 and originally from South London, has experienced many laughs along the way and enough material to write a threequel! But with all significant highlights can also come life-changing lows, which Matt shares honestly and openly within the book.

A darker side of his comedic story lies away from his laptop full of signed NDA’S. Matt’s own personal, physical and mental health issues – which on occasion have nearly ended more than just his PT career.

Herniated disks, lawsuits, cyber bullies, deaths and of course keeping afloat during the COVID pandemic, was a heavy load to bear. The first chapter Matt wrote was actually the last chapter, the end of his book and what felt like the end of his own story and an escape from his spiralling depression. Thankfully, writing Behind Gym Doors became the therapy he needed to feel better, think clearer and get his life back on track.

Behind Gym Doors is a smorgasbord of emotions, ‘hand over mouth’ moments, relatable situations and heartbreaking scenarios. From page one, you will be hooked and guessing who these ultra-famous celebrities could possibly be. It’s THE must read of 2022.

Released December 1st 2022.

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One thought on “Featured Book: “Behind Gym Doors” by Matt Hodges”
  1. What on Earth is a “Cabbage Soup rectum explosion”?? I feel like I don’t want to know that LOL. But I’m into fitness, and I admit I also enjoy a little celebrity gossip, so I can’t wait to read this book!