Books are our best friends. For us bibliophiles, reading is nothing short of an addiction. Books take us on delightful journeys spanning different timelines and places. From the very comfort of our homes, we can travel the world and meet new people, all with the help of our beloved treatises. So, finding the book of our choice is indeed a cathartic experience.

In the modern world, technology has made it feasible for a plethora of books to be published every other day. It is quite difficult to imagine that it was only a few centuries ago that authors had a hard time even putting pen to paper, let alone publishing their books. It is true that the invention of the Guttenberg Printing Press in the 1440s revolutionized printing. However, even with the ease of it, authors had to deal with mortal fear before shaping their ideas into words. Imagine a world, where a religious institution or monarchy could deem your work treasonous or heretical and put you to death. In such a scenario, your life’s work would be burned as well. You would be scared and skeptical too. However, this did not stop our fearless writers.  They trudged on and found a way to voice out their ideas in their books. The way forward was paved by them for all future authors. They made sure that knowledge reaches everyone who is willing. It was because of their immense sacrifices that we are able to get our hands on the myriad tomes available today.

Time passed on and people evolved. Strides were made in the publishing world. Things took a beautiful turn with the emergence of e-books. Gone are the days when authors have to eagerly wait for traditional publishing houses to give their books a shot. A number of talented authors have taken it upon themselves to self-publish their books so that their stories can reach the masses.

However, there is always a flip side to every amazing situation. With the emergence of self-publishing, thousands of books hit the racks every day. It is quite possible for a worthy book to be lost in the throng of millions. This would be an astounding loss for both the author and the readers. People would miss out on a great story. Conversely, for authors, all the hard work that they did to make their story read-worthy would go in vain if their books do not reach the targeted readers.

A book is an author’s baby. They dedicate their heart and soul to it. Penning requires a lot of effort, imagination, grit, and determination. Hence, it would indeed be a shame for a book to be lost in a collection of many.

So, what should we do to avoid such a travesty? The Chrysalis BREW Project is here to provide you with an answer. It does its best to ensure that every book is given its due and brought to the attention of readers.

The BREW Readers’ Choice Award

With its monthly and annual award, the BREW Readers’ Choice Award, the diverse website aims to celebrate every amazing book. The award is proffered to books on the basis of the readers’ opinions. The winner of each month is then nominated for the BREW Readers’ Choice of the Year Award.

The winner of the distinguished BREW Readers’ Choice Award is sure to get an edge over the other books in the market. In addition to the award badge and automatic nomination to the BREW Readers’ Choice of the Year Award, there would be an award announcement on the BREW website and social media channels. If your book does not win the title for some reason, you have nothing to worry about.  Books that do not win for a particular month are automatically nominated for the following month’s award.

There are some special perks for the BREW Readers’ Choice of the Year Award winner. They will be the recipient of the copyright to use the award title for the year on their book’s promotional material. In addition to that, they would receive a digital award logo file. The award would be announced on the BREW website, podcast, and other channels. Above all, a press release would be distributed to a plethora of news media and other PR sites to increase the book’s reach. The author would also get a special permanent 10% discount on all products and services on the wonderful website, Store with a Heart. For 2022, the Book of the Year winner even gets a front cover feature on one (1) The World’s Best Magazine issue.

The beauty of the award is that it is quite simple and free to take part in. Authors and publishers can easily sign up for The Chrysalis BREW Project’s free or paid promotion options and share the book’s posts to be a part of the race. This has the additional perk of your book getting marvelous and impartial reviews from experienced book enthusiasts and reviewers. The promotion plans offered by The Chrysalis BREW Project are top-notch. Rest assured, with The Chrysalis BREW Project, your book is sure to reach a multitude of readers.

If you are not an author or a publisher, but would still like to see your favorite book win the title, fear not. You can simply search for the book on the website, vote for it, like it, and share it. If the book is yet to be on the site, you can share The Chrysalis BREW Project’s promotion page with the author or you can take a chance and submit a review of the book on the website. The author might very well find your review and be enticed to claim their free profile.

The BREW Readers’ Choice Award is a spectacular way to make your book have a special edge over others. By opting for one of BREW’s many free or paid promotion options, you not only ensure a greater reach for your book but also have it directly nominated for the prestigious BREW Readers´ Choice Award.

Know more about the BREW Readers’ Choice Award by clicking this link.

The BREW Book Excellence Award

The Chrysalis BREW Project also hosts the prestigious BREW Book Excellence Award. This award is presented to books based on certain predetermined parameters. Professional book critiques, readers, and writers from diverse yet relevant fields are entrusted with the enormous responsibility of judging the books. The last date to have your book nominated for this award is 31 December. However, there is a limited number of free and discounted slots available if you nominate your book early. There are a plethora of categories for which you can nominate your book.

The prizes for the BREW Book Excellence Award are powered by the award-winning shop, Store with a Heart. The sustainable store has promised to contribute a part of the nomination fees to help feed the hungry through Pledge.

None of the nominees for the award are to go empty-handed. All entries would get a digital award logo file and a 10% discount on all products and services available on Store with a Heart. Shortlists, Finalists, Runner-ups, and Winners are entitled to receive the copyright to use the specific award title for the year on their book’s promotional material and a digital award logo file. Moreover, the award would be announced on the BREW website and channels. A consolidated press release would be distributed to hundreds of mediums.

The Book of the Year Award would be presented to the best book which would be selected from among the winners of the different award categories. The winner of this coveted award would be entitled to some extraordinary perks. In addition to the rewards already received for the BREW Book Excellence Award, the Book of the Year Award winner for the year 2022 would get the exceptional opportunity to be featured on the front cover of The World’s Best Magazine. The winner would also get the option to either receive a winner’s plaque or 100 AUD via PayPal.

Know more about the BREW Book Excellence Award by clicking this link.

The BREW Seal of Excellence

The BREW Seal of Excellence is a special award offered by The Chrysalis BREW Project to a book that has been a recipient of 5 out of 5 stars rating from all BREW reader reviews. The only caveat is that the book in question should have at least two BREW reviews. The winning book’s author will be the proud recipient of a BREW email with a copy of the award’s digital logo that can be used on the book’s cover and
other promotional materials.

Know more about the BREW Seal of Excellence by clicking this link.

Take Your First Step

So, what are you waiting for? Make haste and join the race to make your book stand out from the rest. It would cost you absolutely nothing.

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By Kajori Sheryl Paul

Reading is my passion, and writing is my compulsion. I started reading from a very early age. Since then, I have not stopped. I have garnered this addiction from my father. I have always loved reading his books. As you can see, books are my world. I escape this world to traverse the world of my books. Naturally, I have an affinity to create worlds of my own. There are thoughts constantly swirling in my head. These are the thoughts that I jot down. Sometimes, they become poems while sometimes stories. More often than not, they are just reviews of the plethora of books I read and the things I do.

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