Set in 1813, Heather Boyd’s ‘Chills’ follows Miss Constance Grange as she embarks on a quest to find a husband. She never considers her former guardian, Jack Overton, Marquess of Ettington, to be her match. However, their chemistry is undeniable. After all, love always has a way of its own. 


Love finds us when we least expect it. Finding the love of our lives can be a tricky feat. More often than not, we tend to overlook our perfect match just because they have been in our lives for a long time. 

In Heather Boyd’s ‘Chills,’ Miss Constance Grange never considers her best friend’s brother and former guardian, Jack Overton, Marquess of Ettington, to be a viable candidate to be her husband. Betrothed to Mr. Cullen Brampton, Constance was living a quiet life in the country until she was summoned to London by her best friend, Lady Virginia Orkney. There is something off with Virginia. She is no longer the carefree girl that she was before. Her marriage and subsequent widowhood had changed something in her. Virginia’s twin, Jack, pleads with Constance to help his sister. Though reluctant to stay in London, Constance readily agrees to help. After coming to London, she gets to know of her mother’s enormous gambling debts. Her changed financial scenario prompts her to break off her betrothal. On Virginia’s advice, she hopelessly decides to become a fortune hunter on the prowl to marry a wealthy husband. They make a list of potential suitors. Though Jack is enlisted to come to her aid, Constance never once thinks that the cold-hearted Marquess would be her ideal match. Eight years her senior, Jack too believes that he is not the one for her. 

Then, why is there an undeniable spark between Jack and Constance? Why can they not keep their hands to themselves? Moreover, what actually happened to Virginia? Would she be able to let go of her past? 

‘Chills’ is a scintillating start to Heather Boyd’s ‘Distinguished Rogues’ series. Jack and Constance are complete opposites yet are perfect for each other. Constance warms Jack’s cold heart while Jack sends chills through her with his touch. Their heated banters make their chemistry obvious to anyone. Though considered to be ruthless and cold, Jack is exceedingly caring towards those he loves. Time and again, he comes to Constance’s rescue. He always had her best interest in heart even when there was no question of them falling in love. Jack’s affection for his twin, Virginia, is worth mentioning. I loved the way the author highlighted the bond between them. Jack felt her pain and did everything in his power to alleviate it. Though naive in the matters of love, Constance was a strong woman. She never took anything for granted. Least of all, she wanted to take advantage of people. I liked the dignified way she handled the situations with Miss Scaling. However, I have to admit that I did become a tad frazzled when she remained unaware of Jack’s true feelings even towards the end. Having said that, I completely understood that her financial situation and a misunderstanding about Jack kept her from believing that he would truly want her. 

I like how Heather Boyd gave us two love stories in the guise of one. Virginia had lost hope in love and marriage after her fiasco of a wedding. Even after being widowed, she remained skittish. However, her heated discussions with Lord Hallam infused new life in her. It was interesting to see Hallam helping her heal. Watching them fall in love was a treat in itself. Here, I would have to mention that Boyd does a splendid job of portraying sensitive topics in a delicate manner. 

‘Chills’ is a Regency Romance that primarily focuses on romance. Boyd builds well rounded characters to whom we can all relate. Her vivid writing makes the world of the book come alive. The lavish parties and beautiful gowns all made me long to be there. Having said that, I would be remiss if I did not mention that everything was not completely historically accurate. However, this does not take away from the book. This Regency Romance has a modern feel to it that has a charm of its own. 

This light-hearted novel would make you think about some deep topics without even trying. I happily recommend this delightful book to all lovers of Regency Romance novels.

I truly enjoyed reading Jack, Constance, Virginia, and Hallam’s story. I can’t wait to read the next one in the series. Lord Daventry’s book, ‘Broken’ promises to be a heart-touching read. 

Book Details

  • Title: Chills
  • Author: Heather Boyd
  • Genre: Regency Romance
  • Theme: Love, Friendship, Healing, Family
  • Publication Date: 2 May 2011
  • ISBN or ASIN: 978-1925239379
  • Number of Pages: 286
  • Minimum Audience Age: 18

Book Themes

(Note: 0=none, 1=a few, 2=considerable, 3=pronounced, 4=excessive)

  • Sexual themes: 4
  • Religious themes: 0
  • Violence, self-harm, etc.: 2
  • Crude language, expletives, swearing, etc.: 2
  • Other adult themes: 1


  • Content: 5 stars
  • Writing Style: 5 stars
  • Appeal to Target Audience: 5 stars
  • Uniqueness: 5 stars
  • Editing: 5 stars
  • Other factors: 4 stars
  • Overall: 4.84 stars

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By Kajori Sheryl Paul

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One thought on “A Book Review by Kajori: “Chills” by Heather Boyd”
  1. I can relate to the premise. My now husband was first my best friend for a few years and, honestly, that has made for a solid relationship. Also, I love it when period romances figure strong female characters, which dismantles the myth that all women in the past were meek and subservient. Great review!