Award-winning and bestselling author Priscilla B Shuler once again places one of her books on top of the Bestseller charts. The Medallion has reached #3 in Historical Fiction and #11 in Historical Romance on the Australia lists.

We took the screenshots too.

Earlier on, Shuler’s other works went up high in the Bestseller lists. “Kuimba,” “Favored,” and “Rat.” “Kuimba” even got The BREW Readers’ Choice Award recently.

To know more about “The Medallion,” check out this link and also the ones below.

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By The BREWer

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2 thoughts on “Freshly-brewed: “The Medallion” by Priscilla B Shuler Tops Aussie Bestseller Charts”
  1. The further along my books are promoted by ChrysalisBrew the greater are the rewards! At my age it seems nearly unbelievable! But! I humbly accept these huge honors only realized by the efforts of my promoter! Thank you!