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by Justin Black

  • Author's Name: Justin & Alexis Black
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  • About the Author: Both Justin and Alexis are foster care alumni and together, they’ve traveled to five continents. Among their favorite memories are hiking Table Mountain in South Africa, enjoying ramen in South Korea, and getting engaged in Ecuador. They both enjoy cereal, playing basketball together (Justin often loses to Alexis) and making their daughter Maeva smile. They co-authored a 12-time award-winning, bestselling book titled Redefining Normal: How Two Foster Kids Beat The Odds and Discovered Healing, Happiness and Love. Stay tuned for more in the Maeva and Dad Redefine kid’s book series.
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  • Genre: Children's
  • Titles of All Books: I Love You More Than Cereal: Maeva and Dad Redefine Love
    Redefining Normal: How Two Foster Kids Beat The Odds and Discovered Healing, Happiness and Love
  • Awards, reviews, press releases, and other relevant information: Nonfiction Authors Association GOLD
    Reader Views Parenting/Family Relationships GOLD
    2021 New York City Big Book Award
    Distinguished Favorite in the Memoir category.
    Reader Views Regional Awards - Great Lakes GOLD
    Reader Views Conversation Award for the Best Regional Book of the Year
    Reader Views Religion/Spirituality BRONZE
    National Indie Excellence Award Regional Non-Fiction: Midwest
    Elit Autobiography/Memoir GOLD
    Readers Favorite Christian Living GOLD
    Global Book Awards Family Health GOLD
    2022 Illumination Book Award, Christian Living Bronze

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by ElleLainey

  • Author's Name: Elaine White
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  • About the Author: Elaine White is an ace/aro author, who enjoys delving deep into the world of LGBT literature. She strives to create captivating, emotional stories of love and romance, exploring a variety of sub-genres, from paranormal to contemporary, with the occasional shifter thrown in for good measure.
    An avid reader, she gets easily distracted by dogs and books, not necessarily in that order. Her passion in life is to be surrounded by millions of books and dozen of dogs...but, for now, she'll settle for one boisterous pup and an ever-growing TBR pile.
    When not reading or writing, you can find Elaine getting sucked into the latest K-Pop group, trying to learn Korean, and getting hopelessly addicted to various Asian dramas.
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  • Genre: MM Romance
  • Titles of All Books: Surviving Vihaan
    Book 1: A Touch of Danger
    Book 2: Raised by Wolves (Coming Soon)

    Royal Series
    Book 1: A Royal Craving
    Book 2: A Royal Promise
    Book 3: A Royal Miracle
    Book 4: A Royal Legacy: Part 1
    Book 5: A Royal Legacy: Part 2
    Book 6: A Royal Treasury

    Book 1: Decadent
    Book 2: The Other Side
    Book 3: Right Kind of Wrong
    Book 4: Underneath It All
    Book 5: The Reunion
    Book 6: The Short Story Special

    Book 1: Deal With the Devil
    Book 2: Eyes on the Angel
    Book 3: Lead Me Into the Light

    The Cellist
    Clef Notes

    The One That Got Away
    Never Let Me Go

    The Bright Side Brigade
    The Trade
    Forged in Fire
    Following Orders
  • Awards, reviews, press releases, and other relevant information: AWARDS

    Rainbow Awards 2016: Honorable Mention for 'A Royal Craving'.
    Watty's 2014: Collector's Dream for 'An Unpredictable Life'.
    Watty's 2015: Hidden Gem for 'Faithfully'.



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by Selmazein

Hope was student teaching at an amazing school in Lebanon, attending university to attain her bachelor’s degree in education, enjoying terrific relationships with her friends,...

  • Author's Name: Hope
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  • About the Author: Hope is a 30-something woman pursuing her degree in forensic psychology after her experience in Lebanon, and her passion is growing daily to help others. Although she has moved around the world from Dubai to the USA, Hope is currently exploring the city of Charlotte. With her cat Sylvester, whom she rescued when she found out her verdict seven years ago, Hope is now learning and developing psychological theories to adapt to her personality and give back to the community as best as possible. She is currently pursuing her M.Ed. in Clinical Psychology at Winthrop University and is to graduate in May 2023.

    Hope was student teaching at an amazing school in Lebanon, attending university to attain her bachelor’s degree in education, enjoying terrific relationships with her friends, and falling in love. Her life was about as close to perfect as it gets — until May 11 when she woke up surrounded by police with guns to her face.

    Now, with the release of “Caged Free Bird” (published by Archway Publishing), she bares her life story to the world and invites readers to see the truth about the female prison system in the Middle East through the eyes of an innocent woman.

    In a collection of diary entries written with a stolen pen and papers, Hope reveals the psychological and physical torment she endured for months, from jails to prisons in Lebanon. With eight months of jail time to prove her innocence, she documents her experiences as she meets innocent and guilty women of all ages and backgrounds. Her experiences are horrifying and sometimes laughable, as much as they are heart wrenching and prove resilience. She talks about her mental health journey, from how she was wrongly treated and to she persevered to rebuild her life. Ultimately, these traumatic events led Hope to what she is today: a woman fighting back.
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  • Genre: True Crime, Non-fiction
  • Titles of All Books: Caged Free Bird, Diary Part 1

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by It's Your World

Dear reviewer, I welcome your review of my book, Forget Gratitude. What’s all the fuss about gratitude? Suppose your life is complicated by stress, bills,...

  • Author's Name: Xolani Kacela
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  • About the Author: Xolani “xk” Kacela, Ph.D. writes from a place of gratitude. He is the co-author of Finding Your Way. He has authored several other books, including The Black UU Survival Guide, Finding Your Way Home, Get A Hold of Yourself, and It’s Your World. He has published numerous articles on faith, theology, and other contemporary subjects.

    He serves as a Unitarian Universalist Association minister based in San Jose, CA. Before that, he served UU congregations in Dallas, TX; Durham, NC; and Las Cruces, NM. He has worked as a hospice chaplain.

    He is the wing chaplain for the New Mexico Air National Guard, in Albuquerque, NM. He served with the District of Columbia National Guard at Joint Base Andrews and worked at U.S. Special Operations Command at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, FL. He began his military career with the Texas Air National Guard in Ft. Worth, TX. He has deployed four times, including service during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

    Kacela has four earned degrees, including a doctorate in pastoral theology and pastoral counseling from Texas Christian University. He lives with his wife, Tamara, in San Jose, CA.
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  • Genre: Non-fiction
  • Titles of All Books: F*CK Gratitude
    Finding Your Way
    Finding Your Way Home
    Where's My Refund From Amazon
    Get A Hold Of Yourself
    It's Your World
  • Awards, reviews, press releases, and other relevant information: None.

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by ajperkinsio

Mahalo means “Thank you”. Or does it? When Hiwa and Keao meet their cousin visiting from California for the first time, they learn what he...

  • Author's Name: Paki Perkins
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  • About the Author: AJ Paki Perkins is a renewable energy and sustainability CEO – turned award-winning author who best known for his work teaching Hawaiian Values through story. He and his children (HIwalani – 17, Puniaikeao – 15 and Alapaki – 13) wrote the award-winning children’s book: Mahalo Does Not Mean Trash, fun story about gratitude and the true meaning of this treasured Hawaiian value taught by pupu (grandma) to her mo'opuna (grandchildren) that makes you take pause for the truly important things in life.

    Paki is a semi-finalist on the new TV show: America’s Next Great Author. He just finished his learning course called “Visit Hawaii Like A Hawaiian” to help first time visitors to his home in Hawaii. He is also finishing his first business book which is a parable on how the values of MAHALOHANA can change your life, family, community and business.
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  • Genre: Children's Illustrated
  • Titles of All Books: Mahalo Does Not Mean Trash
  • Awards, reviews, press releases, and other relevant information: Lee Brower from The Secret (Gratitude Rock) has written the foreword for our children's book: Mahalo Does Not Mean Trash.

    We have been nominated for 5 book awards before we have been published.

    Here are some of the reviews we have for our book"

    Marci McPhee Writer, Editor, "The Law of Love" by Steve Young
    “You don’t need to be Hawaiian — or even a child — to love the inspiring message and powerful link to ancestors and culture in this book. The charming text and inviting illustrations deliver a wonderful message of connection to the infinite and the divine — and you might even learn a Hawaiian word or two!”

    Tiffany Odekirk, Mother of Four, Author of "Love Unscripted" and "Love on Pointe"
    "Mahalo Does Not Mean Trash, is a heartwarming picture book that will quickly become a treasured favorite of both parents and children. Told with heart and humor, this story reinforces the core Hawaiian values of Aloha and Mahalo. As a mother of four, I'm so grateful to have found a book that is both educational and entertaining. I highly recommend this book!"

    Matthew Corry Editor, Kamehameha Schools Publishing
    "A Hawaiian message with universal appeal. This timeless story shows that gratitude is more than a word. It is a deeply felt expression that unites families, bridges generations, and puts us in the presence of the divine. Mahalo to the Perkins 'ohana—especially Pupu—for teaching us about . . . mahalo!"

    Eric Keawekane, Educator
    "At a time in which cultural awareness has become increasingly important to so many, “Mahalo Does Not Mean Trash” provides timely clarity in a fun and educational way. Readers will find the book to be light enough for youngsters while at the same time offering valuable sentimental and cultural lessons."

    Mary J Insley, Mamaw (Southern for Grandma) To Three Grandchildren
    “Mahalo Doesn’t Mean Trash is beautifully written with love shown on every page. Not only is there the learning experience of Thank You…but also of respect and patience for others. We may not always understand what someone is trying to say until we sit and actually listen.”

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by Jennifer J. Coldwater

"An easy read. After the devastating death of her only children, two sons, Naomi wants her daughters-in-law to find happiness again. Ximena has her family...

  • Author's Name: Jennifer J. Coldwater
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  • About the Author: Raised in a United Methodist household, Jennifer J. Coldwater was asking questions about God and religion as early as first grade when she received a red-letter Bible from a pastor. Jen was fascinated by (confused by, worried about, asking her parents why) the words of Jesus were written in red ink.
    As she grew older, that search for knowledge led Jen to wonder about translation: how and why are there so many different versions of the Christian Bible? In her early 20s, Jen bought a Jewish Publication Society Tanakh because she was obsessed with how much research went into that translation of Hebrew and Aramaic into English.
    Because it was the closest thing she could find to a career in questioning, Jen started teaching English, journalism, and creative writing at a public high school in San Diego, California in the late ‘90s. She continued to read about Judaism (Yitzchok Kirchner’s "The Art of Jewish Prayer", "To Life: A Celebration of Jewish Being and Thinking" by Harold S. Kushner, a revisiting of the Chaim Potok novels I read in college) while she developed her career and taught her students.
    One sad summer in the early aughts, Jen lost her father to pancreatic cancer, divorced her husband, moved to Los Angeles, and started a new teaching job at a large private high school. One of Jen’s first acts as an Angeleno was to reach out to the American Jewish University in search of a conversion course. In the absence of her beloved father, and seeking comfort after all that loss and change, Jen felt it was time to follow her heart to Judaism.
    As she was wrapping up her conversion coursework and fulfilling the personal commitment requirements of the process, Jen was granted a teacher-exchange trip to Israel with her dear friend and rabbi. Jen asked her rabbi if she thought Jen should “finish converting quickly before our trip”—the rabbi was wise enough to laugh at her and advise she not rush into anything. Jen traveled to Israel full of questions, and at Yad Vashem, The World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem, she found so many answers.
    Yad Vashem is designed to change lives. No one can witness the atrocities suffered by six million Jews and not be moved. As a teen, Jen toured Dachau on a class trip. She taught "Night" by Elie Wiesel to her English classes. She took a teacher seminar at Holocaust Museum LA. Jen thought she was prepared to visit The World Holocaust Remembrance Center. She was not.
    Among the many things Jen learned at Yad Vashem was the term “righteous gentile”. As the tour guide told stories of the Righteous Among the Nations, Jen listened intently with tears streaming down her face. While she obviously is not Righteous, Jen lives her life as an ally and an advocate for the Jewish people.
    A small sliver of that allyship and advocacy is embodied in this collection of contemporary romance novels. To learn more about Jen, visit
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  • Genre: Contemporary romance
  • Titles of All Books: Holland, My Heart: A sexy, love-after-loss, age gap, billionaire workplace romance (Published Oct. 4, 2022, ISBN: 9798848738339)
    Unbreak My Heart: An emotional, problems-in-paradise, witty, sexy romance with a love triangle twist (Coming April 2023)
    My Dissent: A sexy enemies-to-lovers courtroom rom-com with a clairvoyant heroine (Coming Fall 2023)
    My Temptation: A forbidden love, forced proximity, sexy, witty two-person-love-triangle romance (Coming Spring 2024)
    My Father’s Daughters: A sister’s best friend—with a best friend’s sister subplot—sexy, witty romance (Coming Summer 2024)

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Ready to Change Your Life? Modern Miracles from the Ancient Healings of King Salomon We continue to look to modern medicine and technology to solve...

  • Author's Name: Dawn Ressel
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  • About the Author: Dawn Ressel is a certified Guide, Healer, Teacher, and Life Activation practitioner with the Modern Mystery School and the Owner of The Light Within. She holds a Master’s Degree in Digital Media from Georgia Institute of Technology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Florida State University. Dawn teaches metaphysical classes, meditation, and offers private healing sessions in San Diego, California. The compelling story of her victory over generalized anxiety disorder is detailed in Ancient Healings, Modern Miracles, along with dozens of other miraculous stories.
  • URL of the book's purchase link:
  • Genre: Spiritual Self Help
  • Titles of All Books: Ancient Healings, Modern Miracles: How 3,000 Year Old Methods are Transforming the Lives of Ordinary People in the 21st Century
  • Awards, reviews, press releases, and other relevant information: The text of my press release is below.

    Dawn Ressel


    Ready to change your life? The solutions to many modern problems can be found in ancient healings
    The missing key to modern problems of mental illness, physical disease, substance abuse, and relationship issues. Described in the new book Ancient Healings, Modern Miracles.

    We continue to look to modern medicine and technology to solve so many of society’s problems. No doubt these advances have brought about positive changes. Yet we’re still plagued by epidemics of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, relationship hardships and more. Something critical is missing. We’ve lost our healing connections to soul and spirit. The book Ancient Healings, Modern Miracles by Dawn Ressel contains stories of real people who have overcome some of life’s biggest challenges through ancient spiritual modalities.

    There’s more to a human being than just a physical body. Modern science has developed wonderful methods to enhance our physical and emotional life. Nevertheless, people still feel empty, like something is deeply missing. Even people who look from the outside as if they “have it all” are deeply suffering on the inside. Many people have lost their connection to the spiritual realms, which was prominent in the ancient wisdom and traditions of the past.

    Fortunately, the answers to many modern problems have been safeguarded throughout several millennia until such a time as now, when many people would be ready and seeking. Ancient Healing, Modern Miracles holds the missing keys. This book describes the results from ancient spiritual methods that have been preserved for many millennia and are perfectly suited for the 21st century. They have helped thousands of people heal from conditions such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and physical ailments. They have also helped people change careers, overcome relationship issues, and lead more fulfilling lives.

    Dawn Ressel is a certified Guide, Healer, Teacher, and Life Activation practitioner with the Modern Mystery School and the Owner of The Light Within. She holds a Master’s Degree in Digital Media from Georgia Institute of Technology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Florida State University. Dawn teaches metaphysical classes, meditation, and offers private healing sessions in San Diego, California. The compelling story of her victory over generalized anxiety disorder is detailed in Ancient Healings, Modern Miracles, along with dozens of other miraculous stories.

    The tools of healing and empowerment described in Ancient Healings, Modern Miracles are available by working with the author, Dawn Ressel, and other certified practitioners with The Modern Mystery School. There are currently certified practitioners in 24 countries in the western world.

    Go to to get your copy of Ancient Healings, Modern Miracles or to learn more. It’s the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

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by wileykmarch

Never safe for a moment, she learns from too young and tender an age, that she is all alone in a cruel and hostile world,...

  • Author's Name: Wiley K. March
  • Your Email Address:
  • About the Author: Wiley K. March grew up traveling. Books were her favorite companions in her and she often spent much of her time writing and acting out elaborate stories for her younger siblings. Her first stories for her younger siblings. Her first stories were comical adventures to entertain her younger siblings.

    She won an award for her painted depiction of The Deer Hunter, which had become her favorite due to the number of Vietnam Veterans in her family. Ms. March’s creative writing teacher in school further inspired her to tell more complex and colorful drama, horror and science fiction stories, encouraging her to follow her dream of being a writer. As an adult, Ms. March’s writing style, known as “fraction”, has taken on critical social issues through the lens of drama, horror and science fiction, inspired by the vivid imagery of her contemporary literary heroes like Salman Rushdie, Anne Rice and Stephen King. Ms. March’s characters face moral dilemmas, they have secrets, and they have internal and external struggles. Ms. March lives in NYC, she is the founder of Tiamberus Network and both of which focus on bringing awareness to the reality of the psychological and emotional struggles of survivors and education from a survivor’s perspective as well as empowerment to women and children who have endured trauma. Her debut novel was released August 2nd, 2022 with readers declaring it emotionally heart wrenching, vivid, and un-put-downable. She is currently working on her second novel, The Silence, expected to be released in November 2022 and speaks publicly to raise awareness on the mental health struggles of survivors of abuse and trauma, and will be appearing on the Ukiyoto Publishing panel, "Chasing Your Dreams ” October 16, 2022 and holding upcoming workshops for Westchester Probation Office and The Retreat Domestic Violence Center.
  • URL of the book's purchase link:
  • Genre: Coming of Age/Drama/Psychological Horror
  • Titles of All Books: The Bully (August 2022)
    The Silence (coming soon)

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by BattleTested

  • Author's Name: Jamal Byrd
  • Your Email Address:
  • About the Author: Growing up in the rough city of Tacoma, Jamal has played sports his entire life, helping him circumvent a negative environment. Jamal capitalized on his athletic ability, earning a football scholarship to the United States Air Force Academy. There he received his bachelor's degree in management from the Air Force Academy in 2015. Upon graduation, Jamal served five years in the Air Force as an acquisitions officer before being medically retired. He then began his next career as a defense contractor supporting the Space Force, where he currently works as an acquisition analyst.
    Jamal never envisioned becoming an author. The endeavor manifested as result of his life’s unprecedented outcomes. After graduating from the Academy, Jamal desired to share his collegiate experience with the world because of its uniqueness. This desire led Jamal to begin composing his work. Originally designed to be a memoir, Jamal's book evolved into an autobiography as necessary background information expanded to include the rest of his life.
    Jamal is a prodigious family man. After God, he cherishes his loved ones before everything else. He is currently married to his beautiful wife, Shaianne, with a 1-year-old son (Malachi) and a 9-year-old stepson (Derek). Jamal enjoys traveling with his family and cherishes a good steakhouse. He still loves sports and is an avid Detroit Lions and Air Force fan. He also enjoys playing Call of Duty in his spare time and working on his cars. Jamal owns a 1985 Chevrolet Camaro I-Roc Z28 and a 2021 Chevrolet C8 Corvette. He appreciates eschatology as well, as Biblical prophecy unfolds before our eyes.
    Outside of his family and hobbies, Jamal provides football training to young athletes, owns a Christian clothing business, and is a real estate investor. He plans on taking his real estate sales exam soon to become a salesperson which will aid his real estate investing goal. Moreover, he is striving to build capital to acquire more rental properties and increase his portfolio. Lastly, he is aiming to become financially stable enough to embark on his high school football coaching career. Jamal and his family currently reside in the Golden State as they await the construction of their new home in Arizona.
  • URL of the book's purchase link:
  • Genre: Autobiography

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by vegastarchild584

  • Author's Name: Vegastarchild584
  • Your Email Address:
  • About the Author: Hello! I am an attorney, energy healer and Reiki Master, a Soul Mate M/M Romance enthusiast and a published author of 3 novels including my latest release, The Wild & Zany Galactic Adventures of Commander Zhang and Lieutenant Simon, Soul Mates who Incarnate on Earth and Save the World - a funny, zany, yet highly spiritual soul mate romance based on the real-life drama of popular Chinese actor/model/singer Zhang Zhehan who was recently blacklisted and his Word of Honor CoStar, successful actor/model Simon Gong Jun.

    I am also published under the pen name A.E. Kendall and those works include The Quartermaster & the Marquis Son and Alain & the Duke both part of the Clash at Sea series about soul mate pirates, dukes & lords.

    I enjoy traveling, meeting new people, collaborating on new projects and making people laugh.
  • URL of the book's purchase link:
  • Genre: Sci Fi Soul Mate (M/M) Romance Metaphysical adventure
  • Titles of All Books: The Wild & Zany Galactic Adventures of Commander Zhang & Lieutenant Simon, Soul Mates who Incarnate on Earth and Save the World by Vegastarchild584

    Alain & the Duke: A Clash at Sea Series novella by A.E. Kendall

    The Quartermaster & the Marquis' Son, Clash at Sea Series Book 1 by A.E. Kendall

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