BREW Book Excellence Award Winners

The BREW Book Excellence Award recognises exemplary literary pieces from all over the world.

2023 Winners

Book of the Year

  • Winner: “Black, White, and Gray All Over” by Frederick Douglass Reynolds

Action and Adventure

  • Winners:
    • “Brothers” by M. E. Taylor
    • “Raptor’s Revenge” by Jim Malloy
  • Finalists:
    • “Accidental Diplomacy” by Jeffrey Busch and Dominic Man-Kit Lam
    • ” When We Push Through Sound” by Geoff Sease
    • “Rebecca’s Pleasures” by Veronica Garrett


  • Winner:
    • “Hide and Seek Alphabet: With Australian Animals” by Anna Finch

Children’s (10,000 words or longer)

  • Winner:
    • ” The Adventures of Angel: A Kitten’s Story” by Ross Alan Hahn

Children’s (Illustrated)

  • Winners:
    • “The Secret Life of Santa’s Butterfly Elves: The Magic at Christmas” by Rose Andria
    • “What Is Heaven Like?” by Richard R Eng
    • “Adventures of Jackson: The Young Field Mouse” by Adam DeGraide
    • “Something New in Cloverville?” by Janet Stuart
    • “Fingerprints of God” by Melanie Burgess
  • Finalists:
    • “Mahalo Does Not Mean Trash” by Hiwalani Perkins
    • “What? No Easter Eggs?” by Janet Stuart
    • “Doppy and the Runaway Balloons” by H. R. Manske
    • “Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine: The Little Girl Who Never Stopped Believing in Herself” by Muse Literary
    • “Grandpa’s Lessons on Fishing and Life” by Ruthie Godfrey
    • ” Desert Friends: Travels with the Pack” by Linda Harkey
    • “The Kindness Guru” by Gar Ying Chan

Children’s Activity Book

  • Winner:
    • “Stay Safe with Ruby and Reuben” by Sneha Sabu

Children’s Dog Book

  • Winner:
    • “Love Snaggs – A Little Dog’s Courageous Journey” by Melanie Joy Mezzancello

Children’s Friendship Book

  • Winner:
    • “Roosevelt Banks and the Attic of Doom” by Laurie Calkhoven


  • Winner:
    • “Be a Giant Killer: Overcoming Your Everyday Goliaths” by Ed Norwood
  • Finalists:
    • “Along Came Hell, or So I Thought” by Lois Young
    • “Journey to Peaceable Soul” by Megan Macaulay


  • Winner:
    • “Tales from the Bug Guy” by Dr. German Roach

Creative Non-fiction

  • Winners:
    • “My Sweet Aroma” by Timothy Green
  • Finalists:
    • “Applauding Life: Poetry and Prose of an Octogenarian” by David A.J. Richards
    • “Way Worse than Attica” by Dirk Cameron Gibson


  • Winners:
    • “The Provenance: Astar’s Blade: Part One” by Joe Lyon
    • ” Linden Falls” by Joshua Hershey


  • Winner:
    • ” Adventures of Fairies and Dragons” by Nancy Benson
  • Finalists:
    • “Tosher” by Adrian Winney
    • “Dragum” by K.C. LaSaga


  • Winner:
    • “Age of Resolve: The E.V. Chronicles” by Ilene Grydsuk

Historical Fiction

  • Winner:
    • “No One Must Know” by Susan Frances


  • Winners:
    • “The Eighteen Years That Didn’t Change Anything” by Enrico Tesla
    • “The Art and Science of Culture: The Power of Seeing What’s Hidden” by Chad Carr
    • “Sport: A Stage for Life – How to Connect with the Touchstones of Elite Performance and Personal Fulfillment” by Cristiana Pinciroli
    • “The Human Paradox: It’s Time to Think and Act as a Species” by Gilbert E. Mulley
    • “Mental Health, Poetry, and I: Original Poetry That Saved My Life” by Brendon Feeley
  • Finalists:
    • “The Unstoppable Artist: Discovering the Artist Inside Yourself” by Barbara L. McCulloch
    • “Mark Victor Hansen, Relentless: Wisdom Behind the Incomparable Chicken Soup for the Soul” by Mitzi Perdue
    • “Mind Candy: The Code to Program Your Subconscious Mind to Achieve Any Goal” by Felicia Pizzonia
    • ” The True Believers” by Louis Martin
    • “Chasing Rabbits” by Rodolfo Del Toro

Memoir, Biography, or Autobiography

  • Winners:
    • “Black, White, and Gray All Over” by Frederick Douglass Reynolds
    • “Where the Lilacs Bloom Once Again” by Roni Rosenthal
    • “The Eighteen Years That Didn’t Change Anything” by Enrico Tesla
    • “Mud Flower: Surviving Schizophrenia and Suicide Through Art” by Meghan Caughey
    • “The Journey Home: Portraits of Healing” by Gabriel Bron
    • “Sprig of White Heather and a Scottish Lass” by Anne Angelo
    • “Fictionally Nonfiction: The Life I’d Never Admit Was Nonfiction” by Wynn Thành Phi
  • Finalist:
    • “Enough About Me: The Unexpected Power of Selflessness” by Richard Lui

New Book

  • Winners:
    • “Story and Structure” by Leon Conrad
    • “The Connection Game” by SS Turner
  • Finalists:
    • “This Is Dodger: A Story About the Life of a Rescue” by Dawn R. Smith
    • “Peace in War” by Lindsay Ann Fink
    • “It Could Happen Here – A Roadmap to Disaster” by J. F. Cronin


  • Winners:
    • “Black, White, and Gray All Over” by Frederick Douglass Reynolds
    • “Story and Structure” by Leon Conrad
    • ” Healing Guide to Having a Baby: Infertility, Emotional Wounds and Taking Back Your Power” by Jennifer Coady Murphy
  • Finalists:
    • “100 Livestreaming & Digital Media Predictions, Volume 2: Top Content Creators Help You Succeed in an Era of Rapid Change” by Ross Brand
    • “Nipper” by Peter Massam
    • ” Liberty, Science and Wealth: The Evolution to Modern Society” by Ralph L. Bayrer
    • ” Abraham Lincoln’s path to reelection in 1864: our greatest victory” by Fred J. Martin, Jr.


  • Winner:
    • “Do Nothing: A Griffin Knight Murder Mystery Thriller” by Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr.


  • Winner:
    • “Poems from Heartlands: Special Illustrated Color Edition” by Dr. C. A. Buckley

Scifi Realism

  • Winner:
    • “Homecoming” by Jude Austin


  • Winner:
    • “A Colossal Injustice: A Griffin Knight Corporate Murder Mystery (The Griffin Knight Series)” by Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr.
  • Finalists:
    • “Pacifica” by Richard C. Deason
    • “Forbidden Zone 1940” by Anne Angelo


  • Winner:
    • “Praesidium” by McKinley Aspen


  • Winner:
    • “The Fifth Daughter of Thorn Ranch: A Modern Ranch with an Ancient Secret” by Julia Brewer Daily

Young Adult

  • Winner:
    • “Magic Hotel” by John Reimold
  • Finalist:
    • “Torment: Descension” by Daniel Foster

2021 Winners

“Bunky and the Walms” by Aleksandra Tryniecka

  • Book of the Year
  • Children’s Book
  • New Book

“A Time to Forget in East Berlin” by CG FEWSTON

  • Spy Thriller Fiction

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