Plans can change, but a naive Rudy Dell is sure that interacting with the kids in the paediatric oncology unit won’t be difficult. He thinks the only problem is finding time to study for the test that’s coming up. However, he is about to take a test that he is completely unprepared for and that has nothing to do with his academic prowess, motivation, or resolve. He will be confronted with a difficult task as he learns about life and death from the most unlikely teachers, which he is unaware of. He will learn from his patients, the oncology unit’s young patients, that he may not be fully prepared for the coming weeks and possibly not fully prepared to become a doctor.

Winner 2022 PenCraft Book Awards 2022 BEST FICTION BOOK OF THE YEAR
Winner at the Literary Titan Book Award 2022
Winner at the FAPA 2022 President’s Book Awards
Winner at the American Fiction Awards
Finalist at the Maxy Awards
Distinguished Favorite at the Independent Press Award/NYC Big Book Award

Book Details

  • Title: Chasing Rabbits
  • Author: Rodolfo Del Toro
  • Genre: Inspirational Fiction
  • Publication Date: March 20, 2020
  • ISBN or ASIN: B085X4S7QT
  • Number of Pages: 222

About the Author

Rodo has been a doctor for more than 25 years, but he never intended to be one. On the other hand, he had aspirations of becoming a musician, screenwriter, or even a director when he was younger.

Despite leading a successful professional life and having a wonderful family, Rodo had the urge to experiment and create. After a particularly interesting 2014, he made the decision to sit down and write in 2015. He had no idea that it would take him four years to complete and publish his first piece, the specialised Departure Point. He admits that there are far too many errors in the story, but he is still quite proud of it.

Writing and publishing was, nevertheless, a fulfilling experience. He realised how little he knew and still needed to learn about writing and publishing after experiencing many difficult lessons. This information—or rather lack of it—helped him approach the creation of Chasing Rabbits, his second book. It not only gave him renewed resolve, but it also made it possible for him to better navigate the path or at least stay clear of the previous pitfalls.

Despite the difficulties that 2020 brought, Chasing Rabbits was published in March of that year and has gotten excellent reviews. As time permits, Rodo still writes today and spreads the word about his works. His upcoming book, Surviving Jane, is currently under development.

He divides his time between his private practise and a part-time teaching position at a medical school when not using a word processor. Along with the dog he specifically requested they not get, he treasures the time he gets to spend with his wife, daughters, and both of them! He occasionally sneaks away to work on his writing or indulge in his wife’s opinion of very unhealthy obsessions with electric guitars and vintage Land Rover Defenders!

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2 thoughts on “Featured Book: “Chasing Rabbits” by Rodolfo Del Toro”
  1. I love how the author integrated his life experience as a physician into what, I’m sure, is a moving story. It shows that even the most science savvy person has also a little creative whimsy.