The Beauty of the Aloha Islands Teach Thankfulness

Interesting information, amazing penmanship, and a fun storyline to educate and bond with your children.

“Mahalo Does Not Mean Trash,” a kindness book for kids, is here to provide your children with both education and entertainment. It’s an uplifting story filled with the wonders of beautiful Hawaiian culture. In the Aloha state, Mahalo means “thank you,” and using it is a great way to teach your children how to express gratitude to friends and loved ones.

Kindness, compassion, and a bond with the ancestors

“Mahalo Does Not Mean Trash” is no ordinary book for four-year-olds. It is a recipe for instilling kindness in young minds.

You don’t even have to be familiar with Hawaiian culture to enjoy this children’s book about Hawaii. The book’s upbeat message, intertwined with a strong connection to ancestors and pure culture, will appeal to readers of all backgrounds and ages.

Who can say? You might even learn a few new Hawaiian words!

A Literary Treasure and Symbol of Appreciation

An inspiring book for children, written with care to spread love, with some hidden lessons for both young and old.

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a child’s birthday, Christmas, or Thanksgiving, look no further. This gratitude gift will undoubtedly instil an aloha spirit in any home or classroom!

Discover the Culture of the Beautiful Aloha Islands

A fantastic opportunity for your children to learn more about Hawaii!

This Thanksgiving book for kids tells a lovely story while also teaching children the Hawaiian language. If you’re going to Hawaii, it’s a great book to read on the plane, in your hotel room, or on the beach.


The three siblings (ages 13, 15, and 17) who co-wrote the book with their father founded and own Perks Publishing, LLC. Lee Brower of “The Secret” addresses the Gratitude Rock in the preface.

Book Details

  • Title: Mahalo Does Not Mean Trash
  • Author: Hiwalani Perkins
  • Genre: Children’s
  • Publication Date: November 22, 2022
  • Minimum Audience Age: 4

About the Author

Hiwalani Perkins is a senior in high school, team captain of her school’s Swim team, team manager for Wrestling and Track & Field and CEO for Perks Publishing, LLC. She is Hawaiian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, English & Irish. She has won state championship awards in choir and Mandarin speaking for her school in Anchorage, AK.

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One thought on “Featured Book: “Mahalo Does Not Mean Trash” By Hiwalani Perkins”
  1. Gratitude is a value we should all strive to cultivate. It’s literally been proven to improve mental health, anxiety, and make you overall happier. Harvard Health has a great post about it. So it’s crutial that we teach this to our kids.