Book Details

  • Title: Accelerate
  • Author: Brendan Byrne
  • Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction
  • Publication Date: 9 November 2021
  • ISBN or ASIN: B09J35RGJP
  • Number of Pages: 118


Joam was a hothead courier in a crumbling Los Angeles where your reaction time behind the wheel determined whether you lived or died. Although he was the best, that wasn’t enough. He realised that eventually all that would be left of him would be a splat on the pavement, baking in the 120 degree sun. Joam is united with his vehicle after choosing to undergo experimental vehicle-integration surgery. Joam is currently more than just LA’s fastest and most feared messenger; he is a freaking legend. But the surgical experiment was just that—an experiment. Joam’s body is disintegrating. He’ll soon be little more than a machine’s consciousness.

“Accelerate is a killer read, a hypnotic stumble off the roof of our future. Think Mad Max by James Joyce.”

—Rudy Rucker, author of the Ware Tetralogy

About the author

Brendan C. Byrne contributes fiction and criticism to publications including Rhizome and Filmmaker Magazine as well as Big Echo and Terraform. Ingrid Burrington and he co-wrote the novella The Training Commission, which was published in 2019. The Showing of the Instruments, his novella, was published in 2011.

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One thought on “Featured Book: “Accelerate” by Brendan Byrne”
  1. I don’t know what would compel someone to accept being merged with a vehicle… But I’m not into sci-fi. Or vehicles, for that matter. But I have the impression that this would make an excellent movie.