“Taking Action for a Better Tomorrow” by Jeremy P Boggess is the winner of the popularity-based BREW Readers’ Choice Award for July 2022.

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Taking Action for a Better Tomorrow is a non-fiction book by Jeremy P. Boggess that discusses his thoughts and opinions on various topics relevant to today’s world. The six chapters include his views on the current advances of human society concerning technological developments and improved global communication. It might prove detrimental to remain secluded in a world that brings us closer with each passing moment. Remaining impassive to worldwide changes will not do as the ripple effects of each small change affect us all. We have a responsibility to take an active role. At the same time, Boggess highlights the necessity of cultivating tolerance and acceptance.

I liked how the book adhered to a well-maintained structure, with interrelated topics discussed in subsequent sections under the chapter title. It was easy to follow Boggess’ train of thought as he marked the section names. The sheer diversity of the subjects amazed me. Boggess incorporated his reflections on economics, education system, cultural preservation, conservation of ecology and environment, and sociopolitical issues such as racial discrimination and terrorism. I admired how Boggess gave each area his complete attention and discussed the probable causes and possible ramifications in detail.

In addition to his contemplations, Boggess proposed some unique concepts and solutions. For example, he designed a system that would reward those who helped others but not those who concentrated on personal achievements. Boggess also negated some long-held beliefs, such as being compelled to choose between two undesirable options. Instead of choosing “the lesser evil,” he insisted we could try to create a more sustainable choice.

I liked how Boggess used examples from real life to elucidate complex concepts. He even shared some anecdotes from his experiences that added personal touch. Despite expressing his opinions, his tone never became patronizing. He never attempted to impose his beliefs on the readers. Instead, he admitted that his ideas might be biased or lacking information in a few areas.

Boggess adopted a habit of reiterating his statements, possibly for emphasis. However, this often led to an unnecessary increase in volume without adding any value to his arguments. Besides, some of his solutions and assumptions seemed unrealistic or even questionable to me. While strong in theory, practical implementation of these suggestions could be problematic.

Yet, Boggess’ book spoke of hope and dreamed of a world with a little more love and compassion. The narrative strongly advocated the need for tolerating opposing points of view. At the same time, it implored us to overcome the boundaries we set for ourselves and realize the true potential we hold within. I recommend this book to socially and politically aware readers who appreciate introspective reads.

Book Details

  • Title: Taking Action for a Better Tomorrow
  • Author: Jeremy P Boggess
  • Genre: Non-Fiction – Future Studies
  • Publication Date: 5 October 2019
  • ISBN or ASIN: B07W4MBH47
  • Number of Pages: 220

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  • Violence, self-harm, etc.: 0
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  • Other adults themes: 0

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  1. I don’t know how a system that rewarded people for helping others would work. And is it true kindness if people only do it to earn a reward? But I’m all for a better, more compassionate world, and I agree that we need to think outside the box instead of settling for the lesser of two evils just because they are the “familiar” options. What an insightful review!

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