When an assassin kills the King and his family in the kingdom of Ariestonia, the fates of two orphans, Thomas and Will, are interwoven. In order to fill the vacant throne as there is no successor, the ruling council announces a competition to choose a new king or queen. The three elite schools in the kingdom will pick fourteen-year-old cadets of knights, wizards, witches, and rangers to participate in the King’s Candidate event, which will grant them renown, power, and a guaranteed place in history.

Although their involvement in the competition pits them against one another, they rapidly come together to form an alliance when they realise a greater threat is approaching—a weapon that, in the wrong hands, has the potential to wipe off Eartheenia. The mysterious weapon known as the crystal heart is thought to have belonged to Aelrendel, one of the seven immortals. Thomas discovers that the crystal, which was previously believed to be only a myth, is actually real and that bad forces are pursuing it.

As they work to defend the crystal from an unknown force bent on gaining it, Thomas, Will, and their classmates solve an old mystery and a nefarious game of deceit together.


As we visit the realm of Eartheenia, where immortals were rumoured to have formed with the seven races of man, we find ourselves in what is set up to be a grand story. Thomas Blackwing & The Crystal Heart is a little of fantasy academics mixes with Lord of the Rings. The first four are the Whalens, also known as magicians, the Rohrhun (Huns), or forest lovers, the Aries, or knights, and the Khazorians (Khans), or barbarians.

We quickly get to know Thomas and Will, our heroes. The Barbarian Khans assault Thomas and several other first-year students’ coach as they are on their way to the academy. Thomas miraculously saves the future pupils, but not before encountering the enigmatic woodland Huns who reveal information about the Helcrees bearer. When they safely arrive at the school, Thomas meets fellow student Will, and the two orphan boys quickly become friends. However, Thomas is haunted by the question: what are the Helcrees? After becoming friends with the twins Edmund and Elyse, they become embroiled in a political scheme for the throne of Eartheenia.

Young adult readers who enjoy epic fantasy will be quickly engrossed in this story. Grimm’s attention to detail and expansive world-building completely transport you to this enchanted locale.

Grimm intrigued me despite the fact that I’m not a huge lover of the YA epic fantasy genre. I liked how Grimm gave each character enough life, complexity, and meaning to make them all well-rounded. No character is two-dimensional, which aids in drawing the reader into the narrative.

But be warned—parts one and two of Thomas Blackwing and the Crystal Heart are a lengthy read. Grimm does, however, ultimately pay off. The Crystal Heart (Parts 1 and 2) by Thomas Blackwing receives a 4 out of 5 star rating from me for this reason.

Book Details

  • Full Title: Thomas Blackwing & The Crystal Heart (The Immortal Chronicles Book I Parts One & Two)
  • Author: VM Grimm
  • Genre: Fiction (Fantasy, Mystery)
  • Publication Date: 16 March 2017
  • ISBN or ASIN: B06XPVN21D
  • Number of Pages: 381

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2 thoughts on “A Book Review by Indie Promotions: “Thomas Blackwing & The Crystal Heart” by VM Grimm”
  1. I love it that we have a guest writer! Yay! I don’t know if most young adults would want to read such a long story, but I admit the idea of a competition seems like a bit more legitimate way to earn power than simple succession.
    Great review!