(Paul is the author of the suspense action thriller, “Deliveries.” This is a follow-through on a previously-published BREW article, Meet our Author: Paul Smyth. )

BREW Question: Did you love reading books when you were little? Why or why not?

Author’s Response: In elementary school, I wasn’t too interested in reading books, despite being forced to do so by the education system and regular trips to the school’s library. Suffice it to say, I was a slow reader, and as such, my reading comprehension skills were sadly lacking early on. To my dismay, this academic deficiency was duly noted on each of my term report cards for my parents to read and pointedly call to my direct attention.

BREW Question: At what age did you start reading books? What were your best memories of that time?

Author’s Response: By the time I hit junior-high and high-school, I began to develop a taste for the written word. I remember agreeing to go to the public library several times with my mom, a voracious reader herself. From there, I’d come out with a young-adult novel, then two, and then a handful over time. Each adventure stirred my genuine interest in both fiction and non-fiction books alike. Now, as an adult, I always have a few books on the go, both physical copies and an eBook on my phone!

BREW Question: What was the first book you loved reading? Why?

Author’s Response: I don’t recall the first book I ever loved reading, but I do remember picking up my families collection of Hardy Boy books as a young adult. I went through them all like a hot knife through butter, and those crazy-fun adventures definitely sparked an even keener interest in reading and in the joy of igniting my imagination one heart-stopping chapter at a time.

BREW Question: When did you first think about writing your first book? Why?

Author’s Response: As my love for books grew as a young-adult, I began to dream of writing a novel and experiencing the thrill of seeing my name on the front cover. It wasn’t until I was into my early fifties that I began to write my first chapter of DELIVERIES at the suggestion of a pilot friend. With no previous writing experience and tons of encouragement from my wife, who diligently read each chapter and begged me for the next; seven years later I topped out at 43 chapters, 588 pages of pure, white-knuckle adventure, all of which takes place inside a span of 24 hours!

BREW Question: What was the greatest obstacle you’ve encountered when you were writing your book? What made you overcome it?

Author’s Response: With no previous experience as a writer, the greatest obstacle I encountered while writing my novel was in believing that I could actually do it, and that at the end of the story, wondering if anyone would genuinely want to read it? It was through the constant affirmations from family and friends that told me I was on the right track and that I needed to keep going. Those positive vibes got me through to where I could finally write those two coveted words that mean so much to an author, The End!

BREW Question: What pieces of advice can you give aspiring authors? What worked for you?

Author’s Response: From a novice’s perspective, the biggest piece of advice I can give to anyone aspiring to become an author, is this…NEVER GIVE UP and WRITE TO PLEASE YOURSELF! If your writing makes you smile at the end of each day, then in my opinion, that is truly all that matters.

BREW Question: Who are the authors or books that had the greatest influence on your own writing? Why?

Author’s Response: One of my favorite authors is Dale Brown, a master story-teller and bestselling author of dozens of flying-related, military-style adventures! Though not a self-help genre of books, Dale’s stories have definitely inspired and influenced my writing. His action sequences got into my head early on and bled from my pores when crafting my own narrative. I believe that much can be gleaned from other writers if you just take the time to observe the details in their writing as you adapt your own unique writing style.

BREW Question: What are your future writing plans? What can readers further expect from you?

Author’s Response: Currently, I’ve decided to write a sequel to my debut novel, DELIVERIES. My hope is that it won’t take me another 7 years to write, but at this point, I’m simply enjoying the process of writing and creating another tale that carries the storyline forward. Because I chose to self-publish my first book, I don’t have any publication dates for my second. So, I kindly ask that fans of DELIVERIES be patient with me as I hammer the keyboard to achieve another story and another sleep-depriving tale!


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3 thoughts on “Author Interview: Paul Smyth”
  1. I find it fascinating that the author was not born a reader, but developed the habit later in life. Now I wonder how does he combine an adventure-filled life with a sedentary activity such as reading…?

    1. The wonderful thing about reading is how a book can transform the imagination and take a person where they may never have been. Despite reading from a comfy chair with a hot cup of coffee, the sedentary act of reading can still elevate your heartrate and transform your world in ways you never thought possible! Happy reading Fermosalua!

      1. Indeed, reading makes adventures accessible even for the less adventurous of us!