Despite the abundance of recipe videos, links, and blogs for everything from the perfect potluck to delectable brownies on the internet, reading recipe books is a time-honored method of discovering new recipes and learning how to cook. Recipe collections, from themed to story-filled, allow us to share memories and meals with the authors and with one another. The experience of using a cookbook is invaluable. Cooking is a time-honored tradition that includes flipping through cookbooks, poring over recipes, and examining photographs of delectable food.

To commemorate the 140th anniversary of Bertazzoni’s founding, the Bertazzoni family has created a one-of-a-kind cookbook. It has been passed down from generation to generation after being inspired by their great-handwritten grandmother’s notebook, which contained precious family recipes. Over the years, each generation has contributed recipes to the notebook, commemorating Bertazzoni’s heritage and bringing together the passions for food, family, and engineering.

The recipes are divided into four chapters that represent the family’s origins, what they do, who the Bertazzoni family is, and a selection of favourite commemorative recipes. Throughout the various introductions, insights into the true essence of the family’s business are sprinkled. Because food brings people together and keeps families together, the story includes glimpses into the lives of the family members. The book tells the story of the first wood-burning stoves, handcrafted by father and son in Emilia-Romagna before the end of the nineteenth century, to the company’s entry into the American market at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

The book emphasises the importance of eating fresh and seasonal ingredients and cooking from scratch. Some dishes are well-known, such as lasagne, a classic comfort food popular around the world. Green lasagne is made by combining cooked, chopped spinach with the Bertazzoni cookbook’s pasta dough recipe. Or even the traditional chocolate cake recipe that has been used at several Bertazzoni family birthday parties.

The chapter on the kitchen as the heart of the home is especially memorable because it discusses Bertazzoni’s production of four different series of high-quality kitchen equipment, each with its own personality and suiting specific types of kitchen space, tastes, and styles. And each appliance has been designed to fit and complement the others.

The Bertazzoni family has chosen some of their favourite recipes from their cookbooks and memories for the final chapter. Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region was once known for its fruits, berries, and nuts. These were used in recipes such as Chestnut jam, which was made in the autumn when chestnuts were in abundance. It’s thick, smooth, creamy, and lightly flavoured, with a hint of vanilla in particular. Other flavourings to try include orange or lemon zest and rum.

The book’s numerous colour photographs highlight delectable food, its creators, and images from the handwritten recipe book. There are also some from Emilia-Romagna that are both lovely and informative.

Bertazzoni’s Biography

Bertazzoni is an Italian luxury home appliance manufacturer based in Guastalla. Bertazzoni has understood that food brings families together since its inception in 1882 and is now creating quality products to help customers achieve that goal. Bertazzoni has built its reputation on thoughtful design, exceptional engineering, and a deep passion for food. The Bertazzoni approach preserves the innovative spirit that has been passed down through six generations.

Bertazzoni is best known for its outstanding range of cookers, but it also offers a wide range of built-in ovens and hobs. This range stands out in a crowded market thanks to its attractive electric ovens and competent gas and electric hobs. Bertazzoni’s high-end kitchen equipment is divided into four series: Professional Series, Modern Series, Master Series, and Heritage Series. Other items available include refrigerators, ventilators, dishwashers, and microwaves.

Bertazzoni has deep roots in its native Emilia-Romagna, Italy’s bread basket. Its stunning kitchen appliances can be found in the world’s most beautiful kitchens, bringing distinctive flavours, depth, and charisma to Italian cooking. It is influenced by nearby world-famous cities such as Turin, Bologna, and Milan, where major manufacturing companies produce iconic automobiles, motorcycles, agricultural, hydraulic, construction, and ceramic machinery. They, like Bertazzoni, combine a distinct Italian flair for design and engineering to create products that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and elegant.

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  1. Who doesn’t love a good lasagna? And it is, indeed, very important for our health and our planet to eat fresh, seasonal and locally-sourced meals. Also, there’s a certain nostalgia about cookbooks that Pinterest recipes just can’t compete with.