Book Details

  • Title: Healthy Hair, Happy Body
  • Author: Simone Thomas
  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • Publication Date: 3 December 2021
  • ISBN or ASIN: B09N1Q5G3P
  • Number of Pages: 179


Problems with health, hair, and skin are considered “just a fact of life” by an unacceptable number of people. The majority of us have come to terms with the inevitable thinning of our hair and skin, regardless of whether we attribute it to the effects of ageing, the environment, or something else that is beyond our control. But what if it wasn’t necessary for things to turn out this way? What if there was a solution, and it was one that was simple to implement? Enter, Wellness with Simone Thomas…

Healthy Hair, Happy Body is the ultimate resource that will help you rediscover your body’s, hair’s, and skin’s health. It was written by one of the best hair and diet professionals in the United Kingdom. Simone Thomas, a nutrition and wellness coach who has won multiple awards and is globally recognised, has written a book that gets to the heart of why your body is behaving in the manner that it does and just how simple it is to begin establishing positive, self-nurturing health cycles. This handbook to healthy living is jam-packed with remarkable insights that Simone has gained over the course of her ten-year career to assist you in regaining control of your health.

It has never been easier to make the change to a lifestyle that promotes health and happiness. You really can transform your body with Simone’s top nutrition practises and important guidance on living a clean lifestyle, and you can also start living the life you’ve always wanted to live once you do.

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One thought on “Featured Book: “Healthy Hair, Happy Body” by Simone Thomas”
  1. I’ve been trying to grow my hair long for ages, which doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon, so I’m definitely picking this book up. It seems silly and frivolous, but as the review says, it’s often a sign of overall health.