Noah’s Quest is an illustrated children’s book by Sev Emmanuel Pretila that features a magical adventure by Noah, an eleven-year-old village boy. The story highlights various moral lessons for young children.


There has always been magic galore in the Kingdom of Kastelot, enriching the lives of its denizens. However, everything changes once the Dwarf King and Queen declare war against Kastelot. The dwarves are not only stealing magic from the kingdom but also imprisoning any being with the barest trace of magical abilities. The wise Chief of the village of Antalus elects Noah, an eleven-year-old boy, to thwart their evil plans. However, he must first excel at various trials to succeed in his quest. Noah embarks upon a perilous journey with the help of his newfound friends.

Noah’s Quest, an illustrated children’s book by Sev Emmanuel Pretila, chronicles Noah’s adventures. Pretila weaves an intricate and exciting plot that takes the readers on a wild expedition through the vast kingdom. We discover magical objects like the Staff of Wisdom and the Sword of Power and hope our hero is worthy to wield them. We meet a talented girl named Madi and go on an unforgettable ride atop a flying unicorn. We also meet some vicious dragons and brave knights along the way. The swift plot keeps us engaged the entire time with its strange twists. It seems astounding that the author originally wrote this story when he was eleven years old! The vivid descriptions make the world come alive before our
eyes. The superb illustrations peppering the book take care of the rest. Painted in bright colors, they grab our attention immediately. My personal favorite is the one with the knights and the dragons. It is a joy to find Noah’s innocent face and sweet smile in the pictures at the beginning of each chapter. The lively illustrations perfectly capture the characters’ various expressions.

We cannot help admiring Noah’s character. Inquisitive by nature, he often gets into trouble. Yet, his indomitable spirit and yearning for knowledge keep him steady in his path. He is obedient and respectful of the elders. His intelligence and resourcefulness make him a hero capable of solving any problems plaguing the villagers. I love how he shoulders the legacy eagerly, without the slightest hint of hesitation. His strong moral compass and the ability to find the good in everyone help him in his quest. Noah thus becomes quite a role model for the target audience. Through his trials, Pretila instills valuable lessons in the reader’s mind. The book underscores the
importance of trust, empathy, teamwork, and persistence, among other traits. These lessons make the book perfectly suitable for young and impressionable readers.

I would recommend Noah’s Quest to children aged 4 to 10 years, although it has something in it for all age groups. The bite-sized chapters and the superb illustrations would surely captivate the readers. Alternatively, the parents might also opt to read this book aloud to the younger audience.

Book Details

  • Title: Noah’s Quest
  • Author: Sev Emanuel Pretila
  • Genre: Children’s Book
  • Publication Date: 21 August 2021
  • ISBN or ASIN: 064527271X
  • Number of Words: Unknown
  • Minimum Audience Age: 4

Book Themes

(Note: 0=none, 1=a few, 2=considerable, 3=pronounced, 4=excessive)

  • Sexual themes: 0
  • Religious themes: 0
  • Violence, self-harm, etc.: 0
  • Crude language, expletives, swearing, etc.: 0
  • Other adult themes: 0

Children’s Book Features

  • Good role models for younger ones: Yes
  • Moral values: Yes
  • Good social manners: Yes
  • Age-appropriate language and topics: Yes
  • Age-appropriate illustrations: Yes
  • Gained the approval of a licensed educator or professionals in a relevant field: Not specified
  • Based on scientifically-proven data or similar information: Not specified
  • Produced through industry-standard research processes: Not specified
  • Other relevant information: Not specified


  • Content: 5 stars
  • Writing Style: 5 stars
  • Appeal to Target Audience: 5 stars
  • Uniqueness: 5 stars
  • Editing: 5 stars
  • Other factors: 5 stars
  • Overall: 5 out of 5 stars

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By Shrabastee Chakraborty

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One thought on “A Book Review by Shrabastee: “Noah’s Quest” by Sev Emanuel Pretila”
  1. I love that the hero, although still remaining admirable enough to be a role model, is also flawed enough to be relatable. I surely can relate to being inquisitive to the point where it becomes troublesome. Once again, a huge applause for Sev!