Great news! Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived.

As we all know, it’s our aim to acknowledge and spread the word around about the best books and written works on the planet for everyone to know. From The BREW Reader’s Choice to The BREW Book Excellence awards, we are doing that.

The best part at this point: More details about The BREW Reader’s Choice Award are now out!

We will also announce the details for The BREW Book Excellence Awards soon!

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Connect with The Chrysalis BREW Project

By The BREWer

As a caterpillar goes out of its dark cocoon, grows its wings, and flies high up in the sky, I acknowledge my role in the entire process of the written word's metamorphosis through The Chrysalis BREW Project. I believe that beauty and goodness exist in everything and everyone - may we let that emerge and shine in each word we read, concoct, write, or share.